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Thanks for listening to the adam corolla show on podcast one oh i'm shower curtain and i do one thing keep water from leaking everywhere so you see why feel useless compared to geico who does so much more like not only could gyco save money but they've been around for over seventy five years and they give you twenty four seven access online over the phone or on the geiko app and they've got a ninety seven percent customer satisfaction rating they do all this while i have to listen to this chuckle head could he stopped oh create an encore darko expect great savings and a whole lot more adam corolla not talk oh bill material the reason the show is called knock cockerel bell material is because i tempted to get a job at the taco bell in north hollywood that was by my house and they said thanks put no facts we're looking for a slightly higher caliber rita may seventeenth at cleveland's agora theatre and may team in detroit at the royal oak now i'm out on my own and moved onto the fast pace a lucrative world of carpet cleaning where high school diploma while only slow you down people adam corolla not talk oh bell material get your tickets now at adam corolla dot com now another actual five star i tunes review of the podcast read by adams buddy oswaldo main through that good i tunes rate and review the podcast and maybe ozzie will butcher your review to now back to the adam corolla show on that lifelock for sponsoring this half of the show that'll lifelock dot com and truecar truecar dot com and gyco maybe if knows the theme emerging go to geiko dot com i'll tell you more about that don at the arco cherie chenille in studio their podcasts single a new episodes thursdays and podcast one apple podcast good see guys.

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