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For that I'm Sara Lee Kessler for seven ten w. o.. R. Newark's mayor is proposing year round shelters for the homeless in his city former Fox. News host Kimberly Guilfoil is reportedly facing allegations of misconduct at the network of post. Says FOX has been investigating claims of inappropriate behavior Including sexual misconduct Kilfoyle, has been dating Donald Trump junior. And recently announced she was leaving the network. Voluntarily however, huffpost says the departure, was not voluntary w. o. r. news time now three minutes past five years Amy Salerno and our traffic report thank you Lisa head over to New Jersey we have some flooding conditions in Woodbridge on seventeen, south Bennett, munochiveyi avenue traffic pretty much at a standstill for Williams avenue the right in the. Center lanes are, blocked we've got delays on the Garden State Parkway southbound between exits. One forty nine and exit one forty there was. A crash on the turnpike's western spur approaching. Interchange fifteen w the accidents gone but of course the delays remain, inbounded the DWP twenty. To twenty five upstairs fifteen to twenty on the downstairs, level out there in Georgia in. Good shape Lincoln tunnel thirty. To thirty five minutes delays city bound outbound. Is thirty to forty Holland inbound. From either reports that's about ten to fifteen minutes outbound Holland delays remain at fifty to sixty. Minutes traffic brought to, you by Wendy's you might not think Wendy's when you think of chicken tenders, but you should Wendy's chicken tenders have the Perfect ratio of crispy breading on the outside and tender juicy chicken on the inside try, them today I Amy Salerno next. Traffic update. Coming up at five thirty on. The home of the Mets seven ten w. o. r. and your forecast is next do you feel anxiety is something you. Can't avoid many people who have longed for. Calm assured state of thought have found it regardless of circumstances the bible, points to the naturalness of. A spiritual common Herrington us all enter the power of prayer that dissolves anxiety prayer that..

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