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One of our intellectual family conversations like we do but in the middle of it Josie stops and she's kind of cocking her ear to the ceiling listening to the speaker and it's love hurts by Nazareth that's that's playing song I can't stand it's a song that's it's an old song is considered a classic and it's been recorded by a bunch of different people Katie is feeling it bill the Everly brothers recorded it yeah but the big hit was there was no threat not from natural color their Scottish Joan Jett diversion of yeah it's it's been recorded by right or personal today bunch of but this this one in particular and she's listening to it she said I've never heard this song before but she said it sounds like it should be in the eighties movie where like I said teenage boy is is walking in the rain yes with his head down and I said I said you're right that is I said and is she said what movie was that and I said what we look so I pulled out my phone do you know how many movies this song has been featured in life because it's a cliche.

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