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Was a really peaceful five months and then we today and it's like okay. Now what do we do. What are these things. Do we pick up. What needs to stay on the plate. What do we need to pick up and wouldn't know. I jumped right back into my old habits. Well we've got all this stuff done for ready for the podcast and There's a lot to kick off and we're going to add youtube and So therefore we're going to need to get some things to actually help with video production and we're gonna we're gonna do a redesign of the podcast are not pass the website. We're gonna do. A redesign of the patriarch page. I want to get a more more up on. The socials like quotes and and oh and i want to design Different colors and different color schemes. Anyone seeing more like just heap on that plate. That i just cleared off now. I'm not saying that any of those things are bad things. But what i and it didn't take me getting in over my head before i realized what i was doing and i slammed on the brakes. We spent the last six months reconnecting as a family finding more time together. And now you're going to jump right back in and fill every single moment of your time doesn't make any sense at all. Yes relaunching a podcast takes a lot of time. But what does it look like to be really purposeful with that time so that it's not overwhelming you. What does it look like to take your business and put it in. Its right place in your life. So that your marriage your kids. Your home are not being left in the dust of whatever. Chaos your job creates. That's less than i just learned. What is it like.

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