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Like you say one of those tracks that was a lot of people's first track. Maybe that and see that's the people keep saying oh attraction and brought this up about the minor leagues. You you. It doesn't. It doesn't matter. When people I come to a racetrack. If it's if it's a place like, you know, like a Fairmont or Suffolk or a a Portland meadows. It doesn't matter because when they first sea horses and racing they they they're not going to be able to tell the difference between derby and oaks horse. And and, you know, a just a nice claiming rice, I it. It's it's exciting. You know, when you're introduced to it at whatever level, but if you don't have an entree vehicle, you're. You're hurting your your long term ability to develop players horse players. And that's what that's you know, your your number one. And most important raison veteran that is why to California fares have been a very important cog in the California wheel of of racing here for years and years and years and why it's still we still need them. I couldn't figure out why you know, they always got the winner dates when I was working up in working up in northern California, and we had to stop Golden Gate fields and in late June. So he could go to Pleasanton, Vallejo, and all that go around to these places, and you you see them hooked up to the fair, and, you know, families wander in with their kids, and they and that can guarantee in California. This is that some of the some of the first places anybody saw horse race was at these fairs and such important we keep tracks like that around and and marks here. And I bet he knows may or may not know a little bit about. Metaph it. We were just talking about about racing in the great northwest. And I think that's where you're from Connor you and your family, right? You've raised up there. You get that northeast kinda Dell. We just handed him some contraption. He's got to put on his on his head here. But anyway, Mark Sharon, just tell them we were talking about him. And then we had for some reason we went from from you to racing in the north plain, right and some of the people, but aren't you aren't you Ridgely from Washington? I grew up in Seattle area. And my dad was a trainer long acres and grew up with racing along acres. So I'm very familiar with the northwest. It's may just talked about the Portland meadows story. But the most exciting part of having you here what a even under the circumstances that that transpired you win a great at stake and the restricted stake. It's it's one of the one of the nice days in recent memory. I was very good day. However was very bitter sweet, given given the circumstances and the impact that you know, looking to have on our industry. Maybe we'll get that clear that deck I and the market alone. The the tail end of of the string of of. Of injuries and fatalities. You had charm, John that that went wrong, and what, you know, your thoughts as as you watched you knew and everybody was was doing what you normally do to to try to make sure that the horse you're sending out for anything for morning work or for drill or or for a race. Is you know, is is sound and and is safe to go out there. I mean talk about your your feelings of what has transpired. Well, I think it's just a very unusual set of circumstances. And I don't know that anyone has an answer. I I don't believe that. There's anything wrong with the racing surface there, perhaps due to weather been days where the track was not the best. But you know, I can speak for myself. We care and look after these horses better than probably ourselves and most trainers will probab-. Ably tell you the fame thing, and you know, in in Tommy John's case, he was a very sound young. You know, young starting horse that head only raced once but he had raised on a sealed race track in his only start about that and appeared Finau the race. And you know, that was his first work back and unfortunately, EFF wait injury. And we couldn't save them. But. You know, he..

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