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The talk of connecticut special counsel bringing the pressure john callaghan fox news fox news confirming the president trump's former attorney john down bringing pressure about getting a subpoena to the president's team fox jill nato live in washington with details that's right jack fox news has confirmed president trump's former attorney john dowd is saying special counsel robert muller was talking about getting a subpoena to compel the president to testify about russian election interference and possible coordination with trump campaign staffers doubt also said he told him vested gators they were missing with the work of the president of the united states dad resigned is the president's lead lawyer over a month ago because of a dispute on how to answer muller's request for a presidential interview jack flex jill we're learning more about the list of questions with special council wants to ask the president the fall into four broad categories michael flynn and the circumstances surrounding his departure as well as james comey the circumstances surrounding his departure jeff sessions and his recused from the russia investigation and then that june ninth two thousand sixteen meeting the donald trump junior head i in trump tower with the russian attorney john roberts president trump tweeting tuesday that the leak of the questions is a disgrace but pointing out there are no questions about collusion president also ridiculing a report of a rift between he and white house chief of staff john kelly white house press secretary sarah sanders denies that general kelly is being considered for a cabinet post is not being considered as the va secretary the president and the chief of staff are very happy with his position and he currently holds which is chief of staff to the president at the white house on wall street tuesday the dow dropping sixty four points to close the day at twenty four thousand ninety nine the nasdaq up sixty four points standard and poor's five hundred up six and three quarters fox news fair and balanced let's go inside the mind of a ten year old i should've worn those earrings today i like those earrings gabby has those awesome earrings i need to ask her she got those but that's just what she would want me to do i'll have michaela ask her for me buckle up sarah.

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