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We'll return to your story in just a moment. Now let's continue the story. Hickok as part of his martial duties was tasked with an unusual assignment one of the local taverns owned by a pair of men named Phil Coe and Ben Thompson featured a very large painting of a bowl with well a fully erect male Genitalia area which offended some of the town. I can imagine I mean. I don't want to imagine can one day while bill stepped into the tavern and broke the news that the painting would have have to be taken down or altered. And when Phil and Ben Refused Hickok stood there with his revolver until the necessary alterations were made. This is absolutely outrageous. He just a violation of my rights. You're a damn Yankee someone ought to kill you. Why don't we just kill him? Ourselves Been I could kill a crow on the wing. I'm sure I can take down one man to the crow have a pistol was a shooting. You I will be thank you for your time. Gentlemen keep your paintings in line next time. Okay the crow line would become one of bill's most famous another story to spread across America. But it was a line that simply added to the tension between COE and Hickok and on October fifth eighteen. Seventy one the tension boiled over someone shooting this late at night. Can't be good. Mike Thank you stay here. I'll check it out. I fill. Which one do you find the Dan shot? I was just shooting a stray dog. What's wrong with that? What's wrong with that You know look on Lost Hill GonNa take you in all right all right come on. It was just the dog log. You'RE GONNA kill him shooting a dog. Why don't we try to Q.? what the man do his job offer me. Screw you hit doc. Came it Mike Mike Mike. I told you to stay Mike. Say something if you guys know what's good for you you'll get on your ponies and get out of this town real quick. Yes Mike come on Mike. Let's get you inside all right. You're going to be okay Mike. Mike that's heartbreaking. It is in the confusion of the brawl and the attempt on his life by Phil Co Wild. Bill had accidentally killed his best friend and Mike Williams. This accidental murder changed bill forever. It said that Mike was the last man he ever killed. And according to some witnesses while bill grew more or aggressive in his martial duties he'd go in saloons kick everyone out and throw anyone who didn't comply out the windows and doors. You look up more aggressive in the dictionary. That's probably the picture you'll find. The of dictionaries had pictures although Hickok continued to be successful in cleaning up abilene his more aggressive style. Drew more complaints and more questionable incidents wants to attention not only two months after Mike Williams was killed while bill was officially dismissed from his martial duties. A very sad end for a very successful career. Wild bill never returned to law enforcement instead went back to his first love professional gambling into is still very good at. He is a poker hall all of Famer after all but of course even the best. Gamblers have their ups and downs. The nature of the game looking for more consistent form of income bill headed East East and tried his hand at the acting profession. He headed up to Niagara Falls New York to star in a Rodeo style. Show where he infamously fell flat on his face while trying to rope Obama Buffalo Wild. Bill's fall from grace was swift and painful when he joined up with his former war partner. Buffalo Bill Cody in New York City and participated in what would be the predecessor to the world famous buffalo. Bill's wild west show here. Wild bill was well paid and well fed and was able to gamble and get in bar fights as much as he wanted founded but he wasn't happing acting wasn't really Hickox Forte and he began to drink more and more before shows which as imagine just made things worse and frankly the east. It wasn't the place for wild bill. He was destined to live out his life on the wild frontier. He left the company of Buffalo Bill in eighteen. Seventy four and headed back on the open trail will his next two years were spent moving from town to town gambling and drinking the night away in many ways bill was a shell of his former self. His eyesight was failing due to Glaucoma Homa and he was no longer the perfect shot he once was. He tried his best to keep up his legend but his appearance grew more disheveled and the days he was sober were few and far between Lien. Who is often arrested for vagrancy during this period even if he had a successful night of gambling because he had the appearance of a warned down homeless man it really is like the classic Hollywood Hollywood downward spiral the Britney Spears of his era but like Britney there was always hope for the big comeback in March eighteen seventy six he finally married carried Agnes Lake and shortly thereafter left on a wagon to the dakotas hoping to find some gold and regained his life on the way to the DAKOTAS while Bill Cross paths asks with another Western legend Calamity Jane although their time together was certainly very brief calamity Jane would become obsessed with Hitchcock and later claimed that they were remarried through the ages? Many stories told about the secret love affair between wild bill and Calamity Jane and some even claimed to be their children but all the stories about Jane and the bill are easily proven false and even an attempt to bury j next bill was thwarted. That's another level of obsession. Even death trying to find a connection from what we know about wild bill. The one true love of his life was agnes. He wrote to her often as he made his trek to the dakotas but as much as he was excited about this new opportunity pretty he also suspected that his death might be closer than expected. Agnes Darla if such should be we never meet again well fire in my last shot. I will gently breed. The name of my wife Agnes and with wishes even for my enemies I will make the plunge and try to swim to the other shore. Unfortunately wild bill's vision of his death proved to be correct. He would meet his end in the town of deadwood South Dakota as with every place he went hitchcock engaged in the local poker scene on August. First eighteen seventy six. He won heavily in a game. With Jack McCall to pair. dammit wiped clean again here. Take this what. You'll need some money for breakfast in the morning. You don't want you to go hungry kid you've given me charity. I help where I can kid. Just take my advice and trust me from experience. Don't gamble again until you've got enough to cover yourself okay. Insulted and embarrassed by the loss the unwanted charity Jack went to get a drink and plot his revenge the next day August second. Eighteen seventy six while bill arrives to the saloon for for another day of poker normally while bill always selected his lucky seat which was any seat facing the door habit from his paranoid days. It was so he could see if any of his enemies these were coming in however on this day bill had arrived too late the seat that face the door was taken while bill asked twice if he could switch seats but he was has refused anything to disrupt your opponents Lucky Mojo. I guess hey you take what you can get in poker still wishing to gamble. Bill reluctantly took the next available seat and started did the play and because he was not facing the door he did not see a drunken Jack. McCall entered the saloon pistol in hand heading right towards him dame you bill hill take this guy. He's dead dead. While Bill Hickok died instantly at the age. Thirty nine the cards he was holding at the time of his death were black eights and black aces. That hand is known to this day. The dead man's hand the fifth car that he had just received received is still up for debate. After years of men trying their darndest to kill one of the West greatest legends. It was a drunken poker player insulted by a kind gesture that finally did. Indeed jury of local miners tried McCall the very next day. McCall claimed that he had killed while bill as revenge for killing his brother during his martial days. The jury of minors acquitted McCall which prompted a local newspaper to write. Should it ever be our misfortune to kill a man we would simply ask. That are trial may take place in some of the mining camps of these hills. And it's a great long sensing he wasn't well liked deadwood McCall fled to Wyoming and bragged to anyone anyone who would listen then he was the killer of Wild Bill Hickok. He was soon realized that instead would was an Indian territory that McCall's trial and deadwood had no legal basis. He was arrested again in Wyoming and charged with murder. McCall was quickly found guilty and was hanged for his crime. The lesson here. Kids is never brag it seems very fitting that the ultimate lawman even death still saw justice served while Bill Hickox legend only grew in the years after his death and he has become one of the enduring during images of the American frontier from the day he was born he was destined to seek adventure right wrongs and well be wild. He earned his place amongst amongst the heroes he so desired to be few men represented the spirit of the West quite like wild bill. Hickok.

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