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Podcast family. I owed you guys a good one after Vegas, but what is up everyone? We have a whole bunch of shit to get to since the last episode firings suspensions, Olympics, the deadline trades have already started, but first we gotta check in with the fellows it's been a minute, producer Mikey grinnell, what's the word, brother? Tough word for me, guys. This weekend was a tough one for me was puking and shit myself all weekend. So yeah, I was a tough one. Stomach was not cooperating. But I did get to spend some quality quality time with ravioli, which is all I could really ask for. So I'd say it was still a positive in my book. But I also want to ask what you have a dog now too as well. I'd like to hear about how that. It's not Karen around in a little purse, a man purse either G what the fuck dude, you're like the new Paris Hilton. No, no, no, no. His feet can't touch the ground yet. That's a rule in New York because the ground is so dirty when you first get a puppy, you gotta carry him in a bag. I bought a bag. It was too small corgis got a fat butt. They get fat quickly. So I had to use a tote bag. You should be out there power washing the curbs around your place. So he can roll around the streets with his tender paws. You should be power washing your balls to just remind yourself that you got a big old sack down there even though your dog is carrying around on your waist. Oh, you're going on the offense already. I can't wait to get to your oilers later, but what's going on with it? I guess we'll let you talk about your dog because he's the new Paris Hilton of the podcast. He's got the new membership at Soho house. He's got the lap dog. What's next? What's on the radar next? The Soho host membership was gotten strictly for you guys. Every time you guys come to New York, you guys yell at me about the restaurants I bring it to. The one time we went to Soho house with Kevin Hayes, you guys had a fantastic meal. So I said, you know what? I'll pay the money because I'm a team guy. I can't afford it Soho host membership, but I did it for biz, I did it for wit and I did it for RA. For me. I'm already getting slices of pizza every trip on the side of the road. I go to the Korean place. Yeah, I'll appreciate it though. And say thank you. Thank you. He thinks that he's doing me a favor. Meanwhile, I'm getting in a battle when Katie's like, what's the Soho house? And I'm like, oh, it's a pretty nice place to go. You can lounge. Next thing you know, she's looking on the Instagram and she's like, all I see is Russian hookers at this place. And all of a sudden I got some explaining to do and I'm like, hazy never brought me there on Russian hooker night. What the fuck is this shit? How come I never got introduced to Russian hooker during my single days at the Soho? And what's going on? I do love that grinnell is in though and 5 foot 6 and a half inch pigeon port or I couldn't get in. If his life depended on it, so he can kind of deflect it. I wouldn't want to be in a club granelli got into, but you didn't get in. So we got to get some people to backstory who don't really follow the Twitter nonsense, but portnoy attacked grinnell shocker. Another below the belt attack at a late hour of night, probably while he was at some Miami club popping bottles. Celebrate in one of his enemies as demise. But grinnell got a membership with the Soho house. He found out through who Rudy? Yeah, Rudy sandbagged me. Tough one from Rudy. And can you read the tweet that portnoy sent out at the wee hours in the morning? So he tweeted, I just found out micro and L got into Soho house NYC. Thank God I didn't get into that place 5 years ago. I mean, imagine paying to go to the same place as grinnell. That's criminal. And then I responded with stop by for a drink next time you're in town. I'll leave a guest pass for you. And then I hit him with the song. And then I hit him with the sunk GIF. So one zero trade. He's gonna move close. Holy shit, did he respond to that oh, fuck? No, he doesn't need to. What's he gonna say? He couldn't get in. I mean, could you see a rough and rowdy between Portland and grinnell? I never. Never, never, never. Don't even put that thought out there. Okay, so you wouldn't get in the ring with porn. What? No. What if he wanted a piece and you could make some dough off this? Maybe no, okay, all right. No, no. All the money in the world, no. I was on Dave's bad side once. I don't know. I think it's kind of a win win. If he ever called you out to rough and rowdy, like, oh, you get paid money. Worst case you lose. And then best case, you dumb him and you get paid the money. He would never risk it. He's got bad shoulders. He says. He can't even fucking hit the net from the half court line at a basketball ring. Him and Jose canseco, bad shoulders, just taking dives. Anyway, let's talk about your new dog though. Congratulations, pal. Thank you so much. I've never had a dog. My wife grew up, she always had like two or three dogs. We got to get a dog. We had a dog. He could say, can we wait till why it turns one? You know what I mean? And we did. So Yoshi is his name. I love him. I mean, he's not shedding, right? That's my biggest thing. I said, I just don't want a mini dog that I would carry around a purse, like a little unnamed pussy named Mike granola, but I do not want a dog and I can not have a dog that sheds. I hate dogs that shed. I can't imagine just their hair everywhere. So this dog doesn't shed actually showed up, Swiss ridge kennels, up and Toronto. They do a great job. I think the dad was like a Bernie's doodle, something. As you can tell, I know nothing about dogs. The mom was some sort of doodle. So he's a doodle. He's beautiful. He's a great he's got a white patch on his belly and then he's Brown, beautiful, brown hair. So I've tried, I'm not exactly comfortable with what to do. You know, I don't know what to do with my wife's, you know, she's taking him out every 5 minutes. It seems like. So hit the pen. The puppy days can be a little stressful, but I'm definitely down to go for walks at night. I feel like that's actually a nice relaxing, maybe 15, 20 minutes to myself walking the dog and that's when we'll Bond throughout the years. So it's great to have a dog. I got home from Vegas with zero voice. I was waffled and there's a dog in the room. So there we go. It was like, it was like, what's that movie? When he comes back and he's like, yeah, and then your wife jumps out of the closet to have a double team. You know what? Old school. I had a dog jump up on my face and started licking me. But we're down in Florida so the dogs here, he's definitely a little happier in the warmer weather, but I have a little story quickly to share and it kind of involves raising kids who play hockey or any sport, really..

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