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There's something just very cathartic about that feeling. It can give you like. I really love it when like books. Make me feel something. Like if i feel like an emotion if i'm like turning the pages and i feel kind of stick but it's interesting because i'm really not someone who i don't like enjoy violence like i can't really like watch violent movies by suppose like i am interested in like suspense intention or you know kind of disturbing scenes disturbing imagery because again. It's about having that hulk in like having not engagement like in yourself as a writer like in yourself you know in in readers as well so i think that's where on the presence of horror emerged in the bulk like simply because like that like the time like that was the kind of work like i was. I was reading the time and have already published a collection of show. Store is what was it like to then to to a novel on. It was hard. It was different. Y'all i mean. I've actually You know i've been trying to write like another book for the past year and so pardon me. It was just kind of like. How did i do that. You know like there was like this interview with keith. Ridgway the irish writer in the new yorker where he liked described like looking in a book. You've written where you're like looking back on like a car wreck you're in like a traffic accident or just kind of like what happened like things were flying all all over the place like i went through the windshield and i think that's a really good way to think about like writing a novel. I just look it. i'm just kind of like. How did i do that. Like i'm actually like really impressed with myself. So yeah it was. It was different like yeah. I think writing a novel. I think is a lot more about like endurance depending on the kind of like novel. You're writing like you do sort of have to think more about the structure of the story the ark like i don't wanna sound like a screenwriter but but yeah the lake with the lucky ones..

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