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Been held accountable Zacks congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana me I'm Tony cats on cats today great to be with you it is it is true and that the FISA abuses need to be addressed and they're not it was a conversation should not be partisan if we can't trust that warrants to surveil American citizens are based on some level of actual need what then could we possibly trust how could be done you lied to the FISA court the foreign intelligence surveillance court you lied to them about all of the data you had in there for you had reason to go and listen to this person that person Carter page and others why aren't we all just disgusted by this if you tell me that I'm only allowed to be disgusted by certain things I will tell you I very much doubt you're looking at all the right things we might find things that were equally disgusted by but here we're talking about the erosion of the very fabric of the nation the very concepts that we are not very this isn't the Soviet police show me the man and I'll show you the crime we are not innocent until proven guilty is such a mind scramble open idea guys we take it for granted we shouldn't it is quite literally the single most unbelievable concept the world may have ever seen in the past thousand years outside the polio vaccine as being holy cow that's amazing innocent until proven guilty show me how this works until we got here in any other society in any other time very concepts of personal property rights but I mean that's that's you know we talked about John Locke yesterday the very concept of personal property right real property as it's described as real estate real property if you can't own things you're not actually free I have taken them extrapolated out to if you can't say no you're not free the only way you know you're free in this world on this planet is if you can say no if you can't say no how could you possibly be free now we can talk about on a macro sense Hey you got to pay your taxes okay but I can vote and utilize the system in place to have those removed and remember I only post personal income tax I oppose all income tax in every way I don't oppose other taxes but if I have something you think you can take it from me but I can't say no well then I'm not free there's just no way for that to be possible how can you think you have a free society where you're innocent until proven guilty when the people who are entrusted to maintain that system work aggressively to search for your guilt anyway they can as a matter of fact the manufacturer they'll find it what is it nine rounds I was drugged Iran and Iran you know you creep could keep creating more laws and more laws and more laws and eventually everybody is guilty of something anytime you want them to be guilty and if you don't believe that take a look at how you drive down the street drive down the highway is everyone going more than the speed limit how is that possible is a speed limit there's a cop right they're both gone more than speed limit how is it everybody is now breaking the law and therefore anybody who pulled over at any time same philosophy same philosophy that we have taken the FISA court and we have some I made this partisan that's part of the sickness what's going.

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