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You want to get to know who younes i would highly recommend that just type in walkin chicken impairs all right let's get to kevin's pop quiz between five and fifteen points possible region these three questions once a final scores tabulated it will be posted on her website along with the current standing among the tom 100 sweating already i'm competitive a good question number one dave kcna or rob wriggle robert hill it was at the questions is there a sentence after that no but it with as dismissive as you could be of dave gardner i'm sorry just for the record i didn't know i want a quick answer on let me just dave kcna or a robbery eagle ooh round wriggle thank you car weather's or the weather in carlsbad ooh whether carlsbad direct last question keith johnstone okay you know what scores not aboard let's talk about because i mean i must have at least on and topple a top hundred is what would i need to get to be on the air was a close the top power people got all three correct was it some of it oh that all got wait top hundred that got all three correctly would top consists of people actually got all three that's how many people got all three i'm going to get right now it'll really do you wanna know i mean he of course a when you got two out of three which one was it it it always was it how the regal small the last question is gate johnstone did i was that you're still use the prize that the johnstone was not that's not the answer well you know what it's not a competition i mean they've is i've not going to be on the board at sixty seven percent on the miles the academy awards i forget which one jimmy kimmel hosting again i thought he did a phenomenal job other than when he went out to the street and brought people in that kind of went a little sideways and last too long i hope it doesn't do that again but it's an near impossible job and i thought he did.

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