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So maximum pat knowing what we're looking for but give me a tough one explain. Describe it c- bring of anything. We'll exhaust looks like a. Yeah it it looks like a. I'm not seeing it. Looks like a paper towel tube inside of a larger tube with five gusset holding the middle in play. Yeah so we're going to be looking for just the tip. Just the opening of the exhaust. It's only going to be. Yeah yeah yeah. And he got the headers i like. I said i founded. It didn't didn't take wasn't didn't take that much to find it. It's it's out. there was kind of here. Go down to fifty nine and blow up car number fifty nine and zoom in on the exhaust. No that doesn't that looks different. Sorry i lied. go to go to the blue. The blue one to the right let seema. Not that one doesn't have either Let's see we'll find it for you. Let's see there's a there's an rs are the There's a green are. Are you find pictures of that. Green are sr from the rear. You shall now you shall see. It's that green. Are you find that car from the rear you shall. You shall see what the exhaust looks like on that car. Yeah that's it see. It's got the inner with the outer. Yeah not exactly a straight on shot. Yeah now you kind of know what. You're what you're looking for. Yeah and it's kind of hard to find because even when you start searching for things like there it is or showers are veterinary out there. you go. it's good luck right. Yeah there's a. I i have no idea. You know how the inner tube the outer to work it looks. It's a good. It's a good luck. It's it's a different kind of header. I i don't know if they're trying to make a little back pressure. Not sure what the plan was when we explain. Did you did. Is this what you thought. But i've just. I don't mean this to pick on you i mean as we're trying to explain it in my head. I can picture it. You could picture of course unlike. Is this making any sense this entire adult life by the way. Okay okay so having conversation the the the exhaust tip looks like the for you nerds the windshield frame for the millennium falcon. The sign of a tie fighter tie fighter. Yeah i knew is one of the nerdy planes. Can't you're right. It's it's very star. Wars the star wars right. It has like the the you know. What i'm talking to our tube and gossips that make star and it's cool looking. I don't know why just happens to be cool looking. And you know my car's kind of frankenstein car like it's not an r. Sr it's not this. It's not that but it kind of most mimics a seventy four are back on. That picture was the rear valance. Notched but i think it went all the way across in this particular. Oh i see yeah and it's a little different on the side. Yeah it's not actually comes down in the singer. Things are a little bit different. That's a little different but that does bring up the idea. Instead of sean filling in the center what if he just kept cutting to the edges. That's now he has to just finish it and paint the lip. That's a noble suggestion. Right shelby Making right because then you just white the edge. Yeah yeah i'm with you go go all the way across. We'll take that picture and send it to senate to shine max pat. That's that's all we gotta do. Now you've found the owner. No i haven't yet sean. Sean says that you can't just go straight out the back. It actually comes in and comes up a little bit. He's worked for another thirty hours of work he i i'm like feel like this. It just comes straight out of the back. Right off the header. And he's like now. It's a little too wide. You gotta bring it in a little bit so It it looks in this picture like it is brought in a little bit is from we got. So he's got a section off something and make a couple are in reference to the tail lights. He'll be able to see what's going on Yeah the outside of the pipes are right to the inside of the tail lights. Bring it back a little max pattern. Yeah and we'll see and if anything bar the declan that that's right tackle it the outer. Why is part of the exhaust. Should be even with the deck lid. According to and now. I'm not even driving our sock but no but look he needs some reference right point right either way. I'm into tires into wheels. And then what. I rarely talk about is exhaust. I do not like when the period correct exhaust is not on the car. And actually we've had a lot of the conversations because when we dug through photos it was one of the identifying marks of a lot of the newman cars. Is it the exhaust coming out of the front or back on the on the rocker panel. There's the dual exhaust on some of the cars on one side and the two side you're really talking about i think the clayton cunningham cars to the exhausted well yeah but the clayton cunningham cars. Some had the turbo blow off like right behind the front fender. Some had the v. Eight my are has exhausted. Goes all the way back right interesting enough. Milnes car has the one that goes all the way back. But it's a turbo so it can be a little confusing. Identify a lot of the cars especially if they look kind of the same by the exhaust for us. It was like is the exhaust coming. It was with oldsmobiles on a lot of them. Is it coming out of one. Side is coming out of both sides. They doubled it up on one side. They just moved. Because i'm sure it had to do with the amount of noise they were allowed to make. And how much muffler you put into the side. Almost like in the door panel of the passenger side. But you're right like on millon's card. The turbo acts is a bit of a muffler. so why wouldn't it be exit right behind the wheel less. He's running the turbo anna muffler to get. I don't know it's kind of interesting End of that car at some point. See what he's in their gordon mccall's on the blower let me I just hit j. b. weld. Diy ours and pros of trusted j. b. weld for fifty years plus for projects big and small home and garage used the world's strongest bond. I they game in another bounty of product. Put it out in the front desk. It's been pilfered. All the latkes running around here. I didn't know they were a diy crowd. They're not but but they're being forced into it..

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