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The usually do uh and i'm anxious to see the game i kentucky playing at south carolina on espn at nine p m this evening we are up against a break we'll take a break o one of the great sports writers in the country dan shaughnessy the boston global were examined bella check and sabin once colleagues now at the top of the climbed mount everest we'll talk about that coming up next me back to the program and we're gonna talk to uh we're and talk about this uh she's which we were talking about during the break uh the debate and it certainly manufactured there's no way too easily compare pro football to college football there's no easy way to say that winning five super bowls at one place is can you ha you can correlate that to winning five national championships five and nine years is pretty remarkable stat with what uh four different quarterbacks bella check has won all of his titles with these same quarterback which stores extraordinary dan shaughnessy a truly outstanding sports writer the awardwinning sports writer from the boston globe joining us dan no thanks so much for your time we we we read your colvin we rely to your columns and certainly uh you expect a as most do the the patriots to move on for the not yet with which almost become an annual super bowl appearance we were comparing and contrasting it to what we spent a lot of time down here on and that's college football i realise you're talking about the patriots and your call but i'm interested in uh if you see any similarities or how could you not see some between bella check index saving two former of two good friends and saving as we all know work with bela check and cleveland good afternoon i'm sure they like each other and you know you remember saving put the dolphins and his time.

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