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To take effect january one and as a consequence of there's very little time for the irs to recover an issue guidance in advance of the effectiveness of the tax bill you know the irs what's the morale are these days well the morale is i think by and large pretty bad of the irs has suffered since two thousand and turn a twenty percent reduction in our budgetary resources as a consequence the irs has been doing each year you're as the commissioner says doing more with less and that's a real challenge for the irs ira civil servants have some leeway in interpreting this legislation how much well they have a fair amount of leeway there are two types of interpretation some is just trying to figure out what an ambiguous word means and others are forms of interpretive guidance or help is when the congress delegates to the irs to fill in gaps in the statute are there's a lot of o forms of guidance at the ice will need to tackle in the near term of course there's also guidance that will be needed that will be outside of the hands of the irs though require the congress to revisit do additional legislation to fix the problems that may have arisen as a consequence of this sort of fast paced and op process a lot of work ahead dan that steve rosenthal senior fellow at the urban brookings tax policy center thank you so much you're welcome tomorrow on morning edition free speech and hate speech this year far right provocateurs attempted to speak and rally at places like berkeley university florida and in doing so they made college campuses a testing ground for what's protected expression and what counts as hate speech when does the first amendment give way when should it that's the subject of a conversation tomorrow on morning edition listening listen by asking your smart speaker to play npr by now you better have your holiday shopping done maybe you did more of it online this year easy for you but that for your local mall brick.

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