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Sports and we talk about everything on the kuhn's market black and gold sunday show at eleven am rob pratt katie k a radio sports keep let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents you'll proudly mold along and skiff anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the long compared to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations you love listening to newsradio ten twenty katy k take the voice of pittsburgh wherever you go tune in the app that brings together all the news music live sports in podcast you love in one place with tune in you can listen to katy k anytime along with twenty four hour news from cnn msnbc and fox live play by play of the steelers penguins and pirates over one hundred and fifty stations of commercial free music and all your favorite podcast go to tune in dot com slash katy k to download the world's largest audio app that's tune in dot com slash katy k and jessica teach you how to keep it green organic gardeners radio katie matt from coming up davey three's talking trees and just a little bit but we're talking everything that's organic gardening and gardening of course is what he does best trib hyun reviewed trip live dot com and of course everybody gardens dot com he's douglas through jessica washer enjoying some vacation with her family today meantime if you have anything on your mind the way of gardening wanna talk to doug about please give us a call eight six six three nine one ten twenty tall mankins and access dot com or you can text us on the right on line the best deal in town now doug is.

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