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All right, Mr Wilson. Dave Wilson. Back with us your sack of the day. Talk to me, Clearfield. The comedy that calls itself the fiber to anywhere company. That's because it's a maker of fibre optic cable and related equipment that connects homes and businesses. Toe phone networks. Clear fields history goes back to the 19 eighties, when the company went public as a PIA optics. The current name was adopted in 2008. And the ticker is C L F D. Clearfield shares. Buddha's An errand at driven bull market was ending in 2000. The boom then turned it what busted. The shares have never come close to recovering their losses More days like today would help as clear fields. Second quarter results sent its shares surging. Ernie's were about triple the average. Analysts estimate. The Bloomberg survey Sales also beat projections. Clearfield sighted the man tied to the Corona virus pandemic. Specifically from phone companies upgrading Internet service as customers shifted toe working and learning from home. More demand got upgrade. Now the results sent Clearfield shares to a 3.5 year high. They closed with a gain of more than 22 a half percent. That was the biggest for the stock since 2009. Did Wilson. Very interesting. Thank you so much. State. Wilson, Our stocks editor, author of the Chart Stock of the day. Have a fantastic weekend. I hope the muse inspires you to play some good music and will certainly be checking in with you. Next week. Ah, later on this hour, Alex Steel Abigail Disney really excited about that? Yeah, but side No. The fiber thing. I didn't think he was going to fiberoptics. Just going to point that out. Leave like a trend going. Who's been like pure fiber like fiber like, stay regular, like pooper scooper fiber. Yeah, migrated to that. There's like a theme that's happening. So I was pleasantly surprising That wasn't thinking It was five prom pics. Okay, Good. Yes, they're bringing it back. You appreciate it. Africa Disney tax tax The rich. That's going to super fun conversation is going to be great, because if there's one thing about her, she's got some hot takes. Yes. You just won the last name dizzy. No kidding, Loving it. So looking forward to that That's coming up a little later this hour. In the meantime, let's get some world and national headlines.

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