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Boll there is a little village carved out of a tree stump were there are these hints at what vis fantasy world was like like for example there are helmets of warriors that are rusted and eu inhuman away or human warrior union seismic them matt mice like have built things inside it because these were cast aside at some long ago battle and abandoned in the mice and the nature and all these other little smaller creatures have sort of just inc that into their buildings all of that says so much it speaks a story all its own in just the design of the world and it's gorgeous it's magical it's storybook and you're so right the other thing that the designers mentioned last week in our discussion was how much they congratulated and and praised their animators just one guy who did all the animation's for quayle while you're right quills animations are so far above and beyond what you normally see from a video game what what we're seeing so much so prevalent and it's great but it's very specific is this very realistic sort of mo capped feeling like an assassin's created on uncharted these games where the movements are very human very realistic very fluid and what you get in in moss is a character that moves like a dawn bleuse movie or a are movie it it it it expresses character through movement rather than trying to create something realistic the way it she'll scamper up you you tell her to jump and she'll sort of role and and scamper up the side of.

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