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That's interesting because in some respects it sounds like gut feel like when you see the amo- and you need to approve it and it doesn't doesn't like your spider sense goes off. Yes there's no dad involved because you you haven't released it in the wild yet but it's more like a feel and i guess what you're saying is that if you have a solid foundation in place those decisions go or no go are lot clearer. Because there's a. There's a clear path forward in terms of how you should do marketing. Absolutely you just did that. Wonderful webinar workshop on brand messaging right. If that is not in line the content team has no litmus test to understand. Is this going to resonate with the target audience. Am i hitting the key pain points. They're not doing that sir. They're writing off their gut. Feel so by the time it gets to the cmo. You're right something is off but you don't have that document to check it against so then you just never approve it because you're busy doing other things right like rydell rewrite it but having those guidelines that foundation so it super clear it makes it really easy to approve things. Here's a loaded question if you're the cmo and you recognize that compounding defects is a problem and you don't want to be there because that's a waste of people time and money. Where do you start. It is a loaded question. But what are the first steps that a cmo should take and their marketing organization for that matter in terms of making sure that the foundations right so you can avoid compounding defects. You know it's so funny. This is always the hardest thing to do. It's talking to the founder and the ceo it starts with that vision for where the company is going. Everything else falls from that. And i know you work with lotta probably be to be startups. The sas world sometimes the founders and. ceo's aren't sure but let me give you an example that i've experienced a lot in the past year it's in terms.

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