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I'm wondering what manufactured blood looks like in the real world. I mean how could he scientists ever even make blood on a scale large enough to supply all of our hospitals. Well this wouldn't just be and labs were talking factories. Dr calve art had a pretty interesting idea that you might recognize for that. What charlie in chocolate factory. Better pledge place it. I think there is no question of such things will exist. So he's envisioning these big starring tanks five hundred two thousand liters into which you mega carry santen. Rude dizengoff town. Maybe frozen in batches the would be distributed and these frozen batches are then sent to secondary processing plants. Would you have a specific device in two weeks. Us naked will be fed and then the other end two clinton will come out. Then you have this whole army transport vans to get them to places that need the cells most so thinking of the pandemic that could be an area of the country where there's a big surge of cases and more blood drives are cancelled but broadening it even more if you think about the developing world. There's a huge need for clean blood. Low income countries have about one fifth of the amount of blood donations of high income countries according to the world health organization. So it's a big need whether just for an area of the us that's hit by a hurricane or a more sustainable solution for countries that need it. You know it's interesting. Because i think the pandemic had us thinking about the blood supply and yet here we are thinking about even more reasons that the human blood supply. We have could be threatened. I completely took this entire system for granted. When i first heard of the shortages it was really the first time i got exposed to this whole world of people working to support our blood supply whether in pandemic or not. I think the reason. This came front of mind for me. Is it exposed something that we still rely on humans to build. We rely on humans being healthy enough to come out and give blood and the pandemic has shown us in a lot of ways that we can't always rely on that so one day. We might need a backup. Nora thank you so much. Thank you janet. The future of everything is a production of the wall. Street journal stephanie. Ilgenfritz is the editorial director of the future of everything lee camping. Harder is our digital director. This episode sound designer. Is sean marquand. Our reporter for this episode is nora. Our producer is casey georgie qatari. Yokum is the wall street. Journal is executive producer badio. I'm genyk dobbin. Thanks so much for listening..

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