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With very can override very hi berry good morning Bob how are you okay so let's get started right away because I know we don't have a lot of time but we have California striped bass association then I'll turn is putting on a sturgeon derby today it's open to the public you can buy tickets up till six six o'clock this morning at the bait shop at Pittsburgh Marino there and the guys are there right now solid tickets and it's a ninety percent pay back five places and that ten percent is only kept for the club and the ninety percent back and how much does it cost to get in hi it's forty dollars eight five places in cash so should be good I know there's about seventy signed up already so I know that the guys you're down there right now there's three of their solitaire so we got until six o'clock and not target size is fifty one inches fifty one inches and you can't go over its fifty one I thought you you said a striper tournament sister ginger hello did I say striker I I don't know again the same but anyway it's is so it is a sturgeon derby it just thirteen thirty okay sorry if I subscribe okay well I'm not sure but it is a sturgeon derby into the target length is fifty one does that mean we cannot go over them that's correct okay up to okay so the Max you can keep for this derby is fifty one inches correct okay and that's major to the fork of the tail tenet fishing game reels yeah okay all right well it's it's right at the ramp the way it is at the bait shop at between starts at one o'clock close to three thirty and but if you want to catch and release you start to use your tags but I mean you come right to the ramp and you know that's a good thing about having a bait shop right on the water like that yeah if not in the kill and fish them so it it do it now anyhow I I have to agree with you that reading too I I did not go because I have a few problems with my legs and I if you're right all the reports from everybody and scale Bonham I mean that it's terrible you know I've been in this business a long long time I've been with United anglers California striped bass association we have fought and fought and fought and is sometimes it's a losing cause because the politics involved is just so bad there there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support their problem the proponents of this and yet they they declined to look at the real science in it and and that only means one thing to me they are lying through their teeth they're a bunch of liars and don't deserve any respect from anybody on anything they just lie to get there where they have an agenda it's all about money it's not about the people of this state that's for sure yeah well I mean you know it's no different than what's going on with politics of me this week here you saw but lies and lies on television all all it's the same thing you know the good people don't have a say I mean they had a lot of people there between the guides association California striker only issue there and that doesn't mean a thing to them and then like you say two of the people don't show up yeah this is stupid you know I mean they I mean they knew see they let everybody believe they were going to make a decision today but they knew they worked which is deceitful as hell yeah you know all these people just think of the trouble people there was a bus trips from outside the area to Sacramento so people could go to this meeting and they knew all the time it wasn't going to be decided and they don't say anything to anybody what kind of people or what kind of people are these anyway I hope their kids are listening James strap that we chartered a bus we had our people go on a bus and that cost organization money and you know some whatever I just I mean we should be used to it after all these years but it's just something terrible it really is this this is this is as bad as bad as it gets because it looks like somebody is really got to a couple of the commissioners there's no doubt about it and bottom is a true advocate for the water people I I mean he should be sitting at their table yeah so it's pretty sad it's pretty sad that you know you feel helpless you know you sit back to you don't trust any of them that's why you go to the meeting yeah you want to see it for yourself and the nothing they say is believable that's all the agenda it's a back room deal they inconvenience thousands of people hundreds of pay it's just terrible this turned known known integrity and that I do not want to have a beer with any of those people your glass of wine yeah very we're almost out of time I'm sorry I know the sturgeon vision is pretty fair and I'd say it's gone down you know you're gonna have a little better weather today in kinda different tides they were out of town okay we're I'll give I'll give your number after the break right after the break we will talk docs don't go away.

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