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To you probably in part by the association for Mitchell American citizens the coal board is full let us go to ball but in Florida line five Bob welcome to America first hello Mister Gorka glad to meet you greetings if not telephonically how how are how are you Bob I'm doing fine I'm still on the greens at a grass I like that I like that you with well I yeah what was it my money let's see most with this today are we going to have a good day today and I said if you wakeup breathing it's a good day all sure so what what what what makes you call America first ball I've been listening to you ever since you've got mom here and have appreciated what you brought to the American public Bob I sure something we store news agency a conservative news agency that they said they said that their emails from Hillary Clinton are hiding a lot of stuff including one thing that Obama and the whole organization was supporting the Muslim Brussel brotherhood they gave them missiles show to knock down airplanes you know the social mountains the Obama administration gave the Muslim Brotherhood surface to air missiles what what what what so what schools did you read that in it was a report on the internet and it's it came from a conservative news which one I can't remember but well that's a problem my friend that's a pro yeah that's about but see I hadn't seen anything else about it but then if you really think about it she destroyed all these emails and part of it was what they had done with the Muslim Brotherhood they try to get those missiles back here's one of the other things I saw personally during the main Ghazi thing there was a carrier in the Mediterranean he yeah I'm all aboard that got everybody ready to take off before they took off for bring Ghazi he was relieved of duty this was on the news who Yahoo and it was only on the news for about four days and it disappeared the ticket completely all okay Bob I really appreciate you calling to the show but when you call and and and you so you caught remember with these a monumental these a monumental accusations we did we did help to train people who was supposed to fight ISIS in Syria and several those people disappeared off the training but to come on national radio to say the loss of ministration which I'm not fans all over yeah I actually gave surface to air missiles the Muslim Brotherhood that's nothing I caught a cold start anything with that especially when you can't remember what you read but thank you for calling and and and don't be a stranger we truly appreciate it let's go to line three Stephen Sacramento California welcome to America first the good doctor is there and I am I am I am but don't also don't offer for prescription just allows me no I need some reassurance what's going on with our country I as a god fearing conservatives if this goes beyond the store being well we're working out to every day was a surprise and and everything else is going on I still like president Obama still runs for this country I feel like the state is to do the we'll get to the bottom of it what would you heartened by lost interview I mean that's a group of people whose getting to the bottom of it no Steve well I like to start of course but like you know what a lot of reports the other day was John Brennan still are burned act as she to the courts right you know like a year ago I mean what it was in a bar you're gonna president trump orders are less than that about seven months ago yeah about seven months ago I understand that it's not that hard to stand the Pentagon is not.

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