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And Amy are both dear friends but I think the realizing this is the time now well we have to consolidate figure out who can unite this party we can win in November and you can put America back together when so many pieces right now our study also told me Biden has spoken with club which are both before and after she quit the race in Jefferson park Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio governor Newsom is altering the freeing up of twenty million dollars in the state budget to tackle the corona virus outbreak those working in the medical field say it can't come quickly enough there are a couple of main concerns according to Marcia Santini a registered nurse at UCLA what is whether they have enough supplies on hand to properly protect themselves look at what's happening in other countries and how it spread rapidly is what we have enough should we be in the full year that you see in China or in Iran right now the other is whether they have enough space to hold patients who test positive Santini says given the rapid rate of spread we could be faced with a tough scenario one hop will happy enough world to quarantine hundreds of creation if this becomes full blown she says we might want to follow what some other countries are doing use a drive through system to quickly test patients and older people to test positive but don't need hospital care to go home and self core insane is YouTube serious about cracking down on conspiracy videos YouTube made a promise last year to limit the spread of conspiracy or fringe videos on its site but a study by research scientists at UC Berkeley school of information found some very mixed results part of the problem is that this process is completely opaque and not public facing through these decisions are being taken instead of you too and it's moderation board which decides what is okay to be promoted and what is not that's the study's co author mark for tool he says YouTube is cracking down on some conspiracy subjects but not others he cites corona virus as an example saying YouTube has done a good job of weeding out much of the disinformation on the topic but not all Creasy greens can extend seventy newsradio seven twenty motor Ameritech your money buyers came roaring back after central bankers pledge to fight effects of the corona virus the Dow gained five percent or twelve hundred and ninety four points the nasdaq ended three hundred and eighty four or four and a half percent the S. and P. gained a hundred and thirty six or four point six percent Citigroup and Morgan Stanley are telling their employees not to travel internationally and Twitter is pulling out of the south by southwest event which starts in two weeks the corona virus could hurt California's finances prospective buyers of next week's sale of two point two billion dollars in general obligation bonds were warned that the crisis has the potential to stump the state's revenue I kia is now using artificial intelligence to decide whether items being returned should be put back in stock sold to a wholesaler or thrown out we check your money twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg's Mona Rivera from the HMS capital money desk KNX ten seventy newsradio the quandary of getting healthy food to people who need it that story coming up in two but it's the corona virus.

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AMY discussed on KNX Evening News

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