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If you're a fan of the latest iphone, you're gonna get to see what it looks like today joining us now live to talk about it is seen as Roger Chan good morning Roger morning. How're you doing good? So I'm hearing that it's it's not just one phone. It is multiple phones and other products that were expected to see from apple today. Exactly. We're expecting to see three. I sounds at least three iphones successor to last year's iphone X a larger version of that song. I thought X s max if you could say that three times fast and then cheaper phone, but larger the iphone X are that uses cheaper specs to keep the price down. So I I know I didn't do as well is apple hoped. What is different with these phones? They're hoping to get more consumers to purchase them. That is a great question. I think was something apple to have to answer. Today. We've seen a lot of leaks in terms of the kinds of devices are the sizes that we haven't seen a lot on the features. Apple gonna have to work extra hard to sell us on this new batch of songs now keep in mind. This is what's considered an S year every other year? There's there's an slap on an S the number. So the phone typically don't look that difference. But allow up rates are internal. So we'll have to see how what apple does make its case for an upgrade. I'm a little scared to ask do we have any idea? How much these phones are going to cost us? Pricings all over the place. I think the fact that there are these three phones, and this this cheaper phone is rumored iphone X or of the name still not clear yet. That's most intriguing device because I think that's that's gonna so set the pace for what the other fields in price that last year obviously headlines for that thousand dollar iphone. I don't think that's gonna change that might even get pricier. But we'll see if there's a there's a break in the lower end of the at least with a starting price of these phones. All right. Thank you so much that has seen its Roger Chang. He's also a great follow on Twitter. And I'm sure we'll be keeping everybody posted today. Twenty four KRLD time to check on your money. Let's check in with John Tucker. All right, Scott you talking about apple let's go there in the pre market up about three tenths of a percent. Otherwise, stocks are pretty much mixed today. US futures kind of drifting US producer prices unexpectedly fell in August. The first drop in about eighteen months. Phoenix ground unit plans to permanently at a six day to.

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