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You know Wilson Mayfield they blazed enough of a trail that if you're GM now, you get a chance to valuated Mata talent not on the tape measure and says that he's legitimate chance to plan the NFL because Doug Flutie, someone should've taken Doug Flutie and said you're my quarterback. And would have been a very happy person. Okay. They just didn't do it the right way. I've been around. Doug Flutie watched play guys. He he whose talent he who's thority whose quarterback play. But again, you know, you got those comments like being Bambi into set and everything if he were coming out right now Doug Flutie would be column Ernie. We'd be the first route. I agree with you Charles if but if five nine one ninety five this is rag doll territory, this is I'm not. He's not a vicious hit away from a career. He is a moderate hit away from disaster. At those those sizes so first talks were maybe the first round top ten top figure. He now they're saying possibly Arizona at number. One of is that a risk that you would take at GM. I have to do a monster dive on it. And I think the air is on a talk at one is really being fueled. A lot more by their new head coach cliff kings berries comment in October of last year. I believe it was when he's head coach at Texas Tech and ever getting ready to play Oklahoma. And he said that kinda Murray's best player, and I would take him number one draft. Now, I want everybody to remember the context of that con con, you know, that the what he said head coach at Texas Tech getting ready to play Oklahoma. We haven't heard college coaches, you know, or even pro coaches getting ready for some whatever heap extra praise on anyone before have we ever. Right, Texas, Texas about to get a foot in there behind. Okay. There's no getting around that. And he's smart enough to know that. So what do you do you make sure you overly hype the team you're playing so people don't your David Goliath, and we've got no shot at this ball game. And by the way, their quarterback the best quarterback ever seen in my life. Now, I'm not saying that that clicking doesn't believe that that would be disingenuous for me because I don't know..

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