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Massey on money as promised our conversation with David Bach I was able to sit down with David is a financial educator a New York times bestselling author to learn about his newest book the latte factor and how the financial principles he writes about can help both baby boomers millennials and everyone in between so here is our conversation with David Bach right here on Messiaen money here's what ink had to say the latte factor will completely transform your relationship with money and happiness people magazine says about the latte factor a lot tastes burned is a fortune I heard you were going to get into that in just a minute David welcome back great to be with you thank you it's great to be back all right there is this feature story in the Wall Street journal and it talked about the millennial generation now this is an interesting generation they said that they're actually in worse financial shape than every preceding living generation and they may not recover financially there in such poor financial shape I thought this is a pretty concerning article you wrote this book the latte factor specifically for millennials and almost as a to change the direction of that generation financially so let's talk about some of the issues that you see millennials faced with today what's going on with them yeah I thought this article was actually starting because it's exactly why I wrote a lot he factor because what I've seen is that we have an entire generation big generation by the way seventy seven million large when you take millennials in generations in generation Y. this generation is now up to a hundred million size is going to be bigger than baby boomer generation and yet this generation is.

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