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It was just like it was just unreal. The way he played in the football game, Jerry resolute, Jerry Rice. Let me move on with this quick. First of all, let's get right to it. Who you picking the win this game? You don't think guy is hard for me to pick one. All I ever diction. Whoever wins this game. Guess what they're gonna do. They gonna be toasting with Hennessy. I'm I'm at at that they're gonna be Hennessy and our -plore debt. But I'm who the hell is going to be Tom Brady Bill check or Jerry golf, and Sean McVay. We'll have to wait and watch it watch this play out, man. What What? matter which? Hall of fame of experts. Scared to make predictions. Joe don't make me come through this this wire to get to you. You ain't got you. Don't wanna mention maybe you don't wanna make me. Let me tell you one more thing that parent and they're saying, you know, who's the goat. There's a for. I was. I was next to you for tardy of goats in NFL and basketball. I don't care if you doctor if you'll lawyer there's a fraternity. I understand. And I understand that means you're losing to hesitation to pick one. Well, I'm gonna ask you to any damn way. They talking about Tom Brady and acting like Tom Brady should be the goat over Joe Montana. Your quarterback that helped the liver some Super Bowl championships to you are you of that feeling jer? What did I just say to you? I said there's a fraternity of goes. Yes, Tom Brady is a goat. Yes. Joe Montana is a goat. Yeah. You're not taking one over you or go, Stephen Smith. You'll goat man. Appreciate his of all time. Appreciate that. Thank you so much, and I'm touched by that. But. Check in the mail, man. Dan, right. I ain't gonna put the check in the middle. But I still wanna know Tom Brady compared to Joe Montana because you play. Era. Okay. The different Arab. And and what he's doing at the age of forty one. You know, you've got to take your head off to all seriousness Jerry Rice because we got Jerry Rice here on behalf of Hennessy the greatest wide receiver in the history of the national football, right? Hit was Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news. You've been on a record being supportive of the great Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ultimately coming to San Francisco how you wanted to be traded. He wants out of Pittsburgh. He wants to be he wants to come to San Francisco. Here's where I'm surprised you. And I love Antonio do. Go ahead. Here's where I'm surprised you were a you were a model of professionalism throughout your career, you strongly believe in put your head down putting in the work and just being great at what you did. You wasn't about the drama in it by any stretch of the imagination. Clearly, a B is to some degree. And he's even taught us that because as much love my man Teo. From a pub bliss ity. Steven Steven where you're going with this man, where you're going to get my question to you is shot that you've been so supportive of AB come in the San Francisco as opposed to him work and things out Pittsburgh. Okay. Let me break this down real fast. But you I did not contact AB. He contacted me. I know the fans from Pittsburgh. Are you guys met at me? Why you mad at me? He contacted me say, hey, Jerry, look, you know, I would love to work out with you. And then the conversation changed a little bit. He said, yeah. You know, maybe San Francisco, I said, man, I say San Francisco, I said, if we could bring you to San Francisco, man, I mean with the players that we have in place right now, God, this is going to send a message to the fans that we're not waiting and trying to win two or three years down the road. We're trying to win right now. And we'll see if you're thinking about..

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