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Monday night 9:00 ish Pacific time, that means that we're doing our live show remember Mondays and Thursdays every week even during the offseason, although it might be a shorter offseason. We're going to talk all about that. We're going to talk about Danny Green's comments on LeBron James potentially missing the first month of the Season what might that mean maybe he was just he was kidding. We'll dive into all that kind of stuff we're going to talk trades were going to talk free agency. We're going to talk about the draft a little bit all kinds of stuff to break down because the Lakers are a 365 days a year off teammate just does not slow down on Trevor lane from and joining me as always. We've got Gary Sheffield Junior Gary man. How are you doing? I'm doing great know baseball. Obviously, you're keeping up with the Dodge over. So it's it's pretty noticeable. When the when when the Dodgers are taking a 3-2 series lead and they give you a day off. That's that's kind of it's almost like you just want to get that game going but and like Lakers baseball or basketball is picking up. So even though the games aren't starting or nothing's really going on. It seems like the Lakers are always the talk because guys like Jared Dudley all these guys are listen to so so we'll get into it. You know, I wasn't I wasn't too disappointed like if baseball is one of those Sports where they they play just about every night because they can play just about every night like basketball players would fall apart. Obviously football. There's no way you could do it soccer know you could do it hockey's same thing baseball you can get away with playing every single night give guys rest here and there of course the pictures have to rotate all that. But the stress of the World Series like I'm not a big baseball guy, but it was getting to me. I'm like, okay. I saw I looked earlier today. I thought maybe the World Series game 6 was on tonight. And then I saw that it was and I went okay. And focusing on the Rams game a little bit. I can watch Big Brother with my wife. Everything's going to be okay and then tomorrow I can stress about baseball. It was a little sigh of relief for me man. I kind of liked it. It's it's definitely stressful and Dodgers fans understand this already. It's draining to watch even though you're not playing to be up for every pitch to to be stressing about what name is going to do with his Bullpen to be stressing about his Kenley Jansen going to come out to worry about what kind of Clayton Kershaw are you going to get? It's very draining and to have the Lakers entire playoff run down and then immediately have to turn around and watch postseason baseball with the Dodgers and and you might have a situation where the Lakers can win a title and then the Dodgers given the title too. So that's that's obviously unprecedented. So very exciting times but a definitely a probably a well-needed rest. Well your fans I would say it happened in nineteen eighty-eight, but that was a little bit before your time. So it has it has happened. Yeah. We're home of the Dodgers won it the same year and we're hoping that will happen again. In fact, I had a guest on what was it yesterday. Gosh, it feels like it was a lifetime ago, cuz we got so much happened in the last 24 hours here, but I had a modicum..

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