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Do you wanna play guests at quarterback. He is retired. He was a he might be in the hall of good. Not very good dave craig. What's a good guest. That's a very good guess. This guy played from ninety nine to two thousand eleven. He made a name for himself with one team down. South played some pretty good football for about five years. Not a household name but a hall of good yes mclovin. Isn't it chris chandler. Somebody's always heard and had all sorts of arm a little younger than a little closer to now channel is a little older craigslist older. This guy retired in two thousand eleven guests. That quarterback tommy. John surgery didn't then th-then down south they can't down south didn't than that Down south one. One pro proble okay. His last name is very hard to spell and also hard to pronounce alone all dell holy l. Home he got. Tommy john surge carolina so now if a quarterback has it you get the delone the right i guess you know you have to name it after football player. Yeah he had the surgery in oh seven and came back in was twelve and for the next year jake stallone who thought he would be mentioned on a including jake. Dome didn't think he'd be mentioned. Today what other poll questions mclovin. Okay shifting. Mba real quick for our l. a. audience. Who would you be less excited to pay chris. Paul at thirty seven ninety million dollars or collide leonard. Thirty million dollars a year less excited. Yes if you're a fan who are like oh well. You're not nobody in l. As paying chris paul nba fan and so our la audience only cares about point leonard while very. It's a way to get calliing. Chris paul to this fall. Who is who is the contractor. Makes you most nervous. Well chris paul is going to be a three year deal. It feels like for ninety million dollars. Is there any way. He can be effective to forty well. I don't think you look at him and say boy. He's gonna lose some of his athleticism and chris. Paul is played this way. His entire career feels like just being past mid range. Jumper four leader veteran. But do i want chris paul at age thirty nine at that position at price. I i guess i would take. I would be less excited to pay coli because it's going to cost me a lot more. Probably not playing this year is he gonna stay. Does he wanna stay. We'll players wanna play with paul. George phoenix has something going on right now and i understand. Let's capitalize on that. Let's build off of that. Your relevant phoenix suns are relevant. Yes he is. It possible to get a future chris paul career salary game if we add in the next three years. So are we just going to throw in ninety. Let's throw in ninety nine. So chris paul career salary futures and this will be like an eighteen. Year career guessing. Yeah his first year. He made three million with the new orleans slash oklahoma city hornets. Okay a we're putting ninety on top of i'm gonna go ninety on top forty currently has i'm gonna go three eighty six. I'll give you a hint. It doesn't start with a three. Okay okay. who's got a better than chris. Paul four zero nine. Oh my gosh. If it's ninety clean place half of that in texas. I gotta four hundred and one million dollars if he gets a three year contract good for you. The salaries are crazy in the nba. Because you you look at them and you go wait. Would you go see that player. I was do that. It's not fair to them. Whatever you make you make because if you're making that than the league's making a whole lot more than that. I understand all of that but there is part of you where you go. you know. nikola vucevic is probably making thirty three million dollars a year. How many players would you actually go on i. I always throw out john wall. He's making forty two million dollars a year and john wall was out here in our man cave shooting around. I might get out there in a little bit. But i wouldn't i wouldn't rush out there like long commercial break than maybe i'd go out there and go. Hey john how are you yeah polling. Why does chris paul. Even though state farm commercials. I mean how does agent get them say. Hey chris i'm gonna need you for a two day state farm shoes but he's he's known more for that than he is basketball. The estimate is at least two million dollars a year from state farm. You know know yes nikola. I saw a report that he might conley is about to do a three year. Seventy five million dollar deal with the jazz. He's thirty three already over two hundred million career. Wait mike conley is only thirty three. Yeah i just google it yeah. He turns thirty four october. So soon i thought he c-. I thought that would be a guy for the lakers. Oh yea is concerned. He's too old. I thought three years seventy five a lot at that age. I mean he had a really good year. He was an all star this year. But i thought that might be more of the prototypical point guard that they they want. If they didn't get chris. Paul then you've got him. We're kyle lowry. But kinda larry's like thirty five. I think oh yeah. He's older too. Yeah but these guys play like older. They've played kyle. Lowry plays like he's older. He's he's played like that feels like for most of his career thirty five. Yeah yes bone damian. Lillard up to the age of thirty one has made one hundred and fifty three million. He has two hundred twenty million coming in the next five years. He's damian lillard at age thirty six should be at like three hundred. Seventy million guaranteed by the way so my my unhappiness is not not horribly unhappy. Like i want to winter but can pay can't complain about not getting paid here. Yes hunt and those are dollars a small market so i know you got to deal with his salary caps and things like that extend you got to fit under the sack you would be making even that much more if he was even a middle market or a major market when he he wouldn't be able to make more if he was a laker a nickel. That's money is what it is. Yeah it's a salary cap. I think there's only so much they can. They can pay you with the salary. He makes more in portland because they that's why they wanted to keep these players in these cities by offering them more. There's if you if you stay you make more. But does it make if he goes the lakers right now and he doesn't make more new york. It's just what are you having the salary cap. I will say break phone calls coming up. Best and worst of the weekend and we'll settle on our poll question. We're back after this in the dan. Patrick show thanks for listening to the dan. Patrick show podcast be sure to catch us live every weekday morning nine until noon eastern six to nine pacific on fox sports radio and you can find us on the iheartradio.

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