Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, CBS discussed on Mark Levin


Six one nine four four four three thousand AM seven sixteen KFI MBA. CBS news update. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is formally asking President Trump to delay. His state of the union address scheduled for the twenty ninth of this month. Or as our Steve Dorsey reports, do it another way speaker Pelosi asked the president in a letter to delay his state of the union address until the government reopens. She also suggested instead to deliver his address in writing to congress on January twenty ninth she pointed to the security burden placed on furloughed federal agencies in her letter Pelosi noted that since the start of the modern fiscal budgeting here in nineteen seventy seven the state of the union has never been delivered during a government shutdown more from CBS news correspondent major Garrett. Lawmakers are feeling the pressure in grasping for a way out. There is increasing talk here in the White House about wanting to end the shutdown, but senior officials tell us there is zero talk here about reopening the government without the president's border wall. Funding CBS news update, I'm Matt piper. Deadly drugs. I'm Ed MacKay. That's one of the stories. We're following AM. Seven sixty two men. Travis blue and Tony Davis are facing federal charges in the death of a forty one year-old San Diego woman who overdosed on fentanyl laced heroin last fall, former prosecutor Robert brewer junior was warning today as the US attorney for the southern district of California. He becomes the treat federal law enforcement officer responsible for prosecuting and defending the interests of the United States in one of the busiest judicial districts.

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