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Your coma weather art sanders where the mostly clear tonight overnight lows in the mid twenty tomorrow mostly sunny highs near forty friday mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow highs near forty saturday and sunday sunny near forty degrees in christmas day through wednesday mostly cloudy with a chance of rain highs in the lower 40s overnight lows route thirty that's your latest weather from the komo forecast team there are closed dramatic elections and then there's the race in virginia's ninety four th house district tokyo is gonna take something dramatic to not send kelly simon's to richmond and that is what happened here during this hearing at the newport is courthouse today as an election official on the republican side went home after the recount last night and had a change of heart and felt like there was a ballot that perhaps could have been counted for david unc as you remember after the recount shelly silence was in the lead by one the voter drew in the circle around david yancey and shelly simon's but then there was a line near the shelly simon's name and so republican lawyers argue that that was an effort by the voter to crossed out his perhaps vote for shelly seimens and vote for david yancey now this voter had voted for republicans for other races so the republicans felt like this should be a vote for david yancey it was originally not counted in the rekondo's considered in over vote so three judges reviewed this today for about two hours and decided to give this vote to david yancey so now the race is tied it is eleven thousand six hundred eight to eleven thousand six hundred and eight so the big question now what happens next the state code says that the candidates draw lots and lawyers for david yancey told us that we do check in with the state of elections for clarification on what exactly that means is it going to be a coin toss or they're gonna pick a name out of atr something else we don't know yet or working to get the answer for you but once again the big story here today the.

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