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If you play aimaq and if you've ever heard a song but if you haven't you need to go listen to it a mon nick while you call yourself to a mondica you're supposed to be it that versus a barzaniled to resume bet rhetoric but all of a sudden must now got a feel there's no current test here people know that there's a freezing now banner whose humble enough the status because i haven't had bigger hits but banner also got won't because what he went around the world when arm oh gas statin his habit get like me was an uproar record in the world he started seeing what was going on and how people view black people around the world and the message will get the caricature and banner could no longer sit back knock here speak for that matter but i can say what the mayor told me and what he said publicly you know so when you look at the means of production you also have to look at who's really controlling on this and why is it that tyler kwali can go overseas and and make money why is it that there are ours be they rmb or hip hop who all of a sudden all wack or have fallen off you have to ask yourself well why does this happen when the lion learns too right then hunter will no longer be the hero the story we as a people have yet to learn to write and every time we learn to right we either sellout bob johnson or berry gordy am.

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