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Affects the body often in such devastating ways what's the smallest particle that matter is made of and how do we know and how does particle physics crop up in our everyday lives money Chesterton on me and on jackets here here from particle physicist at the large hadron collider is sent to bring our listeners Beyonce's hello one Chris bury with the BBC knees the Chinese city of Wuhan the original epicenter of the corona virus outbreak has reported a small cluster of new locally transmitted cases the authorities believe the five cases a censored on a single housing compound Wuhan had had several days without any new cases south Korea's prime minister has warned that the government will take strong measures if visitors to clubs and bars at the center of the recent covered nineteen outbreak in Seoul refused to take the coronavirus tests eighty five new cases have been linked to a handful of venues in Itaewon district lockdowns in a number of European countries are being eased shops and most primary schools in fronts are re opening in Spain citizens outside the worst hit regions canal meets up in groups of up to ten Iranian officials say one of the country's warships has mistakenly fired a missile at another during a training exercise Iranian state television said one sailor was killed but social media reports say that as many as thirty people have died Saudi Arabia is raising value added tax from five to fifteen percent from July the cost of living allowance will be suspended from June Saudi Arabia's finances have been undermined by corona virus and low oil prices Hong Kong's leader says the government plans to overhaul the territory's education system the students are receiving false and biased information Carrie lam said the government would announce later this year how it plans to manage the teaching of some subjects she said it was important to protect students from being poisoned and production of the world's longest running animated TV series has been interrupted for the first time in decades by the corona virus pandemic the popular cartoon Cole says I send has become a fixture of.

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