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To learn who to listen to. They say listen to the scientists. Well why am I? Listen to you. get let me list scientists now by some bullcrap thing like not biased. Because you could if you really wanted to. Dan could find scientists on one side. I could find a scientists on the other vice versa. Like there's a real real scientists though and you find Bill Gates yere. So there's that's why these different news outlets like Fox. News won't parade out the same doctor that CNN does. Because they want. The doctors agree with their opinion. And there's an there's doctors and both sides. It had both at differing differing views on what to do. You know competent. But there's there isn't competent people everywhere. There's also there's also reasonable people like like bill and I understand right. Yeah so but there's the whole point is that like I mean. Element is example. Our governor is telling you what's essential what's not when he does something that's essential for. You might not be essential to him and vice versa. So yeah but that's the wrong way to go about that to say that it was essential to me is essential. That's not what you're saying is and I and I agree with you. That barbershops are probably something. We could say okay. Yeah that's probably safe enough. Business to reopen what other businesses. Like it okay. Very low occupancy. You don't have to have. They're not like rubbing each other okay but like bars nightclubs. Probably not going to re-open quite as quick as maybe the barber shops. So you can't say because barbershops everything you can't do that but but the example you're using our argue with you. Yeah like the nightclub that has the capacity of three hundred people in a small space. Yes so we're not. We're not bright club club. Doug like we're not gonNA open WIG. We can't allow you to open because you're going to be too close. Maybe we can allow. Maybe we can modify. Maybe you can only have if your capacities three hundred. Which only that's fine but to your point to that nightclub owner it's still essential to him. Which is why I disagree with your point. Which is why does agree with your point. But he could but he can. He's not be given an alternative. He saying you gotta stay closed like he can't open for. Let's say three people in his huge nightclubs come and order drinks at a time obviously money. Yeah what what does that? The governor's or over reaching beyond their power for one. Nobody thought the American people shut down and they did it and now they're making it worse by extending new orders to people rather than be like. Okay we trust that you guys are still GonNa follow these guidelines instead. They're saying you cannot do this. Which is ridiculous. Yeah I mean there's guidelines could put out there for look every let's say let's just blanketed right. Every business can open but if there you can only have one person her twenty square feet of your this is your business. Let's just I'm just throwing random number just for the sake of so if if I'm nightclub owner okay. I can open. Maybe it doesn't make millions and may cost effective for me to open a five thousand square foot facility. That are you know bar that I have when I can only have whatever the number would be out know. I have one hundred people in their two hundred people. Maybe it doesn't make sense to open a nice stay closed but at least you're giving him a. He's has a choice right now. The business that that's just the nature of the business he's in maybe you could zoom zoom discotheque. We could do that. We could do little right now. You can do right now. Let's see what's going on these but you guidelines like those guidelines guidelines being set and then there's also people being told like you don't fit. You can't do this and I just think that's wrong. I just personally think that's wrong. Okay I understand how it could be unsafe if you open up the local bar. And there's every three feet and these people are basically spitting on each other. I know that I know that's unsafe. I get that it's going to be unsafe. But maybe tell that bar owner like look you have to these tools. GotTa be fifteen feet apart now. You don't have to open but you could open and have three stools fifteen feet apart and make a little bit of money for yourself like you shy. I'm not that we're GONNA talk about conspiracy. What Alvin Toffler Article? Bill last thing. Because I do have to. I do have to run here. You see the alien. Ufo picture that the government release like the pictures the one from the navy sublime maybe or blink. One eight released it like a year ago. I sent it out in the public like. Were you at on Aliens Interesting? Yes this is. We should have been talking about this earlier. You gotta come back on. Oh I I want to hope like my grandma. Mom Mom had a story that she swore like she said they were. She's fine back to host and a pilot came on the things that we have three objects outside of the way and then they were gone right so I've always believed in them and I don't think there has to be life. There's so many galaxies right. There's so much universe that we don't even know about who said there's not life somewhere else so some of the stuff like come on the do it really. WanNa trick it. That bad by showing this footage that the navy just released saying yes real. We don't know what it is people out there. Do you think men in black is a documentary that now one of the main issues is that there's no habitable planet within like some enormous amount of light years away where even if you're traveling the speed of light. It seems completely unreasonable. Anyone at every earth. That's one of the main. I think like astrophysical problems with aliens is that we have a narrow idea. Get a little narrow view there because it's uninhabitable for us. But maybe not for whatever's out there ours. Yeah but if you're technology's going the speed of light and there's still problems but we will cupboards. Another show Murphy was fun. We'll have you evacuate on. Here's a panelist. We'll get a bunch of guys and we'll get it deep into aliens in the next month but thanks dude any. Were any where people can follow up with you on the web? Do Care You guys. You guys can follow me at The morning brushback or coach Gambler. Perfect you you're the thank you for being here. We're GONNA sign off. Be Sure to subscribe review and we will catch here next time on the morning brushback..

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