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News from your neighborhood let's bring in Zack right now we're technical producer scour the local papers on this Tuesday morning what have you found for us well this is being reported out of the Madera Tribune this morning and pilots in agricultural agricultural pilots and agricultural owners landowners are pushing back on the city of Madera and some other cities around the area about the loss of agricultural land strips as those towns grow so the airstrip for crop dusters correct yeah and yeah the town is saying they're expanding and they can't afford to be you know be sharing this airspace over people's homes and and all the regulations that come with that and the the farmers are saying that they need them yeah they need those airstrips to keep production costs love you Sir out of here this morning Christina governor Newsome is gonna be promoting two years of free community college right soon this river college today so the rolling this out here's the deal if you haven't heard California will provide two free years of community college to any first time full time California student and the state legislature has set aside forty two million dollars to fund this program I suspect it's going to be very popular and he's gonna be in southern California coming up here at another community college there to continue to roll this baby out two years free community college all right just ahead on the cave became morning news a landmark ruling the major pharmaceutical company held responsible in the opioid crisis this is a big one it's a huge fine they've been ordered to pay and what it could mean for the drug industry that's coming up in three minutes voices you trust Kitty o'neill today while you drive home builder Newsome travels with the remote two years of free community college we've made it to the hottest day of the week will tell you what to expect as we head toward the long Labor Day weekend the KFBK afternoon news news ninety three point one K..

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