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Will be closed to allow twenty two hundred employees get tested for corona virus production was suspended for one day Monday for deep cleaning and sanitizing since then the plan has been running at reduced capacity but even that is expected to stop before the end of this week are you health is says it's seeing more people coming in for a mental health services they say it's mostly because of anxiety linked to the cove in nineteen pandemic reporting you know asking harder or feeling sweating or shaking having difficulty sleeping clinical psychologist Daniel Henderson tells wish TV to overcoming society people have to find out what triggers it and then learn coping as are the mechanisms that work the state says it has the lab capacity to test nearly three times as many Hoosiers for corona virus but there are some supply issues that are keeping that from happening I'm Eric Berman technicians need to wear masks and gloves to give you a corona virus tests and state health commissioner Christina box says there aren't enough to go around there also aren't enough of the extra long swabs used to get a sample the shorter swabs aren't as reliable boxes he's working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to try to get more Eric Berman ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile me no telling what the plan will be for schools come the fall state superintendent Jennifer McCormick saying the state is prepping for either for either K. having kids back at school or having them continue E. learning practices he says discussions will ramp up on a plan for returning to school as we get closer to the summer months I'm Kirk Darling on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three W. Y. B. C. and W. white BC dot com ten oh four back to the checks in one minute read also the corporal answers your questions on the air at one eight hundred cars seventy seven seventy seven element Kerr pro USA dot com or you can become a fan of the car and posed a question to Jerry on Facebook I'm telling you this guy never sleeps.

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