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The nation's highest court, upholding a ruling that says transgender students can use the bathroom that matches their gender identity in schools. High Court refused to hear an appeal to a lower court ruling that said treating transgender students differently violates Title nine. A federal law that bans sex describe The nation in schools. Gavin Grimm, who was born female but identifies as male has waged a years long legal battle with the school board in Gloucester County, Virginia. At first, the principal gave him permission to use the boys bathroom, but the school board said restrooms were limited to the corresponding biological genders. The Supreme Court's action leaves Grimm's lower court victories intact. I'm Michael Kastner and the nation's high court, weighing in on the New Hampshire Massachusetts border dispute concerning income taxes during the pandemic. A lot of people work from home, and a lot of them were New Hampshire residents who worked for Massachusetts companies and despite the fact That they worked in their granite state living rooms. They still paid state income tax in Massachusetts. New Hampshire state officials wanted to sue their southern neighbor. But the U. S Supreme Court now without comment, has refused to allow that there was a short statement from the Baker administration, saying they appreciate the decision. In a longer statement from New Hampshire, U S Senator Maggie House and who called the court's decision disappointing and shortsighted. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio, Red Cross says there is not enough blood. They're calling on people that donate shortage here and across the country. Kelly Eisner with Red Cross explains why blood shortages elsewhere affect us here if there is a very localized blood shortage The Red Cross overall supplies about 40% of the nation's blood so we can adapt and kind of move product to cover these localized shortages. But when the same thing is happening everywhere, that's when we put out this call to anyone who is eligible to donate to come in and make that appointment as an incentive. Anyone who gives blood between July 1st and the sixth will receive a red Cross embroidered hacked by mail. And if you give between July 7th in the 31st, you'll get a $10 Amazon gift card and a chance to win gas for a year. Team USA athletes geared up for gold with less than a month to go now, before the summer Games in Tokyo, Sydney McLaughlin flew past the competition at the Olympic trials in Oregon on Sunday, running the fastest ever. 400 M hurdles the 21 year old from New Jersey, is primed for gold ahead of the 2020 games next month in Tokyo. So is Virginia native Grant Holloway. Who nearly broke a world record in the 110 M hurdles, missing it by 1/100 of a second team USA Showcase two star powered Olympic lineup at qualifying competitions Over the weekend, Four time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles secured her spot in Tokyo despite a fall from the beam that is CBS's Tina Krause for 50 on WBZ..

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