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Yeah. I'd still take the over on that. Yeah. Look, I this. We know that Andrew lock likes tight ends in the red zone. So if we expand expanded to Andrew look like big ole targets in the red zone. He could be a real good standard scoring option at some point. I don't know about PR. But. Also depends what they do on the other side member Dion canes coming back from ACL injury. We'll see how he does. What do they do with Ryan grand? Just a Rogers if grant stays. Next up. They start a lot of money spent to Adam Humphreys, Tennessee over under seven hundred fifty and a half receiving yards in four and a half or Sumitomo way under under under the oh by gosh. Under I'm going to going to Vegas. I can't believe they project him to lead the titans and receiving yards going to New Jersey the place. I wish he would assigned someplace that has like a high flying offense. Yeah. He he's not that. He's not. He's nothing. No. He's a good player. Wow. I had like like a three game stretch where something like that where he was capable slot receiver. And I think I have a capable REO to needs to know your easiest job in football, you get tagged and you would be running of would be running. You'd be helped off the field. I have a slot receiver with by Finn risk. I've never seen your quickness catch very well. Be surprised actually I pretty good hands. Pretty rugged NFL size for put your hand up to the camera. I wanted to measure in their small, but they're. He's you MRs yesterday, what size bracelet, would you think that Adam would be ordering firms junior? Well, designed baseball. No, I guess junior. Give you the size option. Children petite toddler. I'll send the link. I don't wanna make people go through this again. And that he you could tell me what size. I should order New England gave Josh Gordon and original round tender. That's a second round tender. So they can match any offer for Gordon who's ineligible right now. But if he comes back he'll most likely be on the patriots. And if not the patriots will get a second round pick. And apparently, according to the athletic and other reports giant still having trade discussions about Beckham seeing the forty Niners link Todo Beckham. Yeah. You know, you're appraising the dolphins for tanking. I think you should praise. The giants to if they treat Beckham. Yeah. The thing is you're three of the tank they keep all their players. Still take so easy, easy stuff. They're tight ends dolphins are signing. Wayne, Allyn lions are signing Jesse James Bengals resigned. CJ? Dave. The bills will sign Tyler Kroft. And that's that's that's. For you. Yeah. I'm I'm a little bit excited about us alma. Oh, yeah. Okay. Discuss. Tyler Kroft has gone Tyler I for still Tyler I for. There's a decent chance. We're gonna use him as a streamer regularly throughout the year. Great. Thank you. Can. I said that many more of a high pitched voice great offense of line kinda interesting. There's only four sizes here. Yeah. Go ahead and read them and tell me which one you think would fit best for me. Okay. So offense of line. We got Kevin Zeitler going to the giants. Cleveland's right guard analytic Vernon pass rusher. Going back to Cleveland. They've upgraded also signed Sheldon Richardson. So they're getting better up front fern. It's not great. But he's he's fine..

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