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Considering subscribing backstory magazine now in case you don't know because it's a very new thing we also have youtube page, so you could see this zoom cast, which is where it originated from at backstory magazines Youtube page, and of course. If you're listening to regular way, you're still hearing the audio in Itunes spotify, but just for the podcast. PODCAST listeners in case you didn't know, and you want to see me Dave Talk You know and watch the interview rather than just listen to it. You could go to the backstory magazine Youtube page, but now without any further ado. Let's jump right into the interview with Dave. Sarah's about his debut feature film the King of Staten Island all right, so dave welcome and it's good to have you here to talk about the King Staten. Island, thank you for having me a merry honored to be able to talk about this. I could not possibly feel like more of a Dick Trying to pitch a movie at this point in history. You know you're not pitching. We're GONNA talk about. We're going to talk about your process, so you've got a lot of. Make sure people understand how unimportant this movie is. You know there are many more important things going on in the world, so it's coming out at a turbulent time, but it's also coming at a time where people might want some escapist fiction that takes them certainly away from the events of the world. Before they returned back to them, we hope so I think it will serve that purpose because that's good entertainment always. Does you know I? WanNa to your in story. Did you go to school for writing? Where where did you study? What did you like? I went to Syracuse for illustration. which at least I, was able to partially us because then I drew a bunch of the tattoos in the movie. But no I am I started doing stand up in high school like a senior in high school, and then I did it through college, and just sort of continued trying not. Consistently like all the time it was hard, but yes, since then I am just sort of got into sketch, comedy and writing and just trying to do. Whatever kind of comedy just you know worked best for me. Videos Youtube stuff you know. Sketch is live stuff. Did you, did you try the Obama Tattoo in the movie? Because that Tattoo was pretty amazing yet, I was me. Yeah, just for people that haven't seen it yet and I hope you do go see. You can watch it on demand basically there's a very messed up Barack Obama Tattoo. Where just you know. Scott's character wants to be a tattoo artist Dan. His talent is questionable answer from points in the movie trying to draw a tattoo. That's bad in a way. That looks unintentional is so hard. I do that Obama so many times like there was the number of tattoos that I drew just trying to figure out what the magic is of drawing a bad tattoo. That doesn't look on purpose was. A. It's so much harder than I imagined it would be. What's what did you graduate circus two thousand? Okay, and so if you wanNA, tell us. What did you do between two thousand? And what I know to be your your writing directing debut with your documentary, Archie Black, which is a mockumentary, and you give us the pitch on that, but just tell us what he did after graduating. 'cause you know, everybody has a different path, and it's always interesting to hear pretty much. Nothing I I did stand up. Nothing really went particularly great. You know I just I went to l. a. and I started doing you know just sort of stand up there nothing that really translate into anything big. You know just doing Joe's in some most than going well. Not really growing, I was in a sketch. Group called A. Slow Children Crossing I. I was the White Guy. Sketch Group means I always had to play like a cop or a slave owner or something, because it was always sketches written people in the group. I was the one white guy. I. Group that group located la I mean, but what? I'm from La. No one we really all live in the same neighborhood or anything. is in Hollywood I mean I mean. Where would it perform like what space with we did? I o West. We did lot of different shows. We've toward. We did the Austin out of bounds festival. We did Seattle. We did. Yeah, we did a lot of sketch. Just you know touring schedule and and we had a weekly show. ONS at on Hollywood I. Forget which place it was, but yeah, but yeah. We did a lot of places like that. Okay, and one of them was Brett Butler who was the Voice of Dr Quinn on C. Lab. and.

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