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Finishes the race the damage race star who will win who is the winner. The Dan Wheldon has won the race speedway. Historian. Donald Davidson has the story behind that famous radio call but my king was to play by play. And did a great job and Paul page was in there as sort of making fations? So when that happened, and we're looking at just belief that held a brand is into the wall. But he's still going, and do you think you can't make this stuff up? And so the attention at least on my point. I think was Hildebrand is coming as he gonna make it to the line. And is he going to Kenny still shave the win? And then you wait a minute wish Dixon. And then I I don't even know who else is in the mix now because it's based so topsy turvy danika veteran come in Bertrand baguette had led and come in. We could keep up with it. Mike king turned and said who? One who won and Paul page pointed said Weldon Weldon Weldon Weldon just like that. And the reason that he knew that worst because his son Bryan college page worst. But you didn't know by the middle lane. Did you anyway, he was the engineer for welding? And so. Paul had more than an eye on that car all day. And and how he was on top of that. Because if you go back and check Weldon Bush v with two axe to go and then third with one to go Frank Hiti and Dixon, we figured I remember there was all pitch talk Scheffel one time. I think they were tenth and eleventh, and I'm Paul page pointing to the monitor and we both. Agreed. That's first and second right there. There's this one to finish and everybody else's. We'll have to come in. And what happened with their strategy? I have no idea, but Frankie had to make to make stop and was not a happy camper. And then Dixon slow down to save fuel which allowed welcome to go from from third to second. And then I and so that's what the board believe. Finishes of all we usually talk about second-place finisher JR Hildebrand when discussing twenty eleven because he was such an incredibly good sport. In the face of what must have been crushing disappointment. But we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the incredibly talented and greatly missed twenty eleven Indianapolis five hundred winner, Dan Wheldon, what a loss for so many reasons and from selfish point of view, he was so good for the event. There has never been another driver idol think that routinely made the point being the five hundred greatest race in the world. And that's just when we heard him in used to say if if Dan Wheldon was on the PR PR staff, and you paid them two million dollars a year salary. You get your money's worth. Because he's promoting it so much and the credibility because of the fact that it was such a successful driver. So just from that. Point of view. It was a huge loss. Number three. If you took a poll after the first seventy Indianapolis five hundred's the numbers refinishing. Our countdown would certainly have been first Rick Mears started on the pole with a new one in four lap track record and was seen by many rail birds as demand of beat on may thirtieth nineteen eighty-two but veterans Gordon Johncock and Tom's Neva were able to hang with Penske racing driver to lead in the second half of the race with forty laps to go Johncock led. But both he and MIR's had to make one more critical pitstop and the tactical decisions made by the two teams had a hand in the outcome of the race. Or so Mears came in first, and they gave I think it was a sixteen second stop because they gave them a full load of fuel and which ended up being not necessary. But you did think about those things and another thing that when he came in her Johnson who ended up finishing ninth was also. Either coming in or coming out and so Mears came in behind him and the the was a speed differential. And in fact, MIR's actually got on the brakes and and hit. But but it wasn't a crash that it was a thump. And so he lost time obviously doing that. But you didn't think about that at the time. So then he makes the stop, and I believe it was sixteen seconds at all egos and then three laps later on one eighty six then Johncock comes in who now has a much larger lead. And but you still think okay. Well, you know, pets keep pitstop work, probably when John Cox time with his stop that not only will they be together, but mere spied even be a head. But but the Patrick crew under George Hyun, and I don't know who's calculation this wash. But somebody had figured out. We don't. Need a full tank. Let's calculate just the amount of fuel that he needs and that'll be it. And so I think they figured eleven seconds. And the the fuel are and somebody was standing by the fuel and tapping them on the back one to money got to eleven stop. And so off Johncock goes. And I remember the crew doing high fives and everybody was surprised and that was a timed fuel stop, which is very common now. But I was not aware that ever been done. It may have been, but certainly the Penske team hadn't figured that out. And at that time for another team to out think Penske that very often. And so now whenever things sorted out. And mayor sort of the Taj warmed up there's a deficit of light thirteenth seconds. So you think well, that's that's too much. Overcome. And then notice time he came by. He was lopping off like a second second and a half a lap. And I remember thinking at the time due dot throw a yellow officials. Whatever happens do not. So the yellow, and then I think it was three next to go and state of who was running third. Either pop engine had something happen. So I was a big puff of white smoke and he comes into the pitch. And I'm thinking officials if you throw a yellow the fans are going to the grandstands down there will be no atmosphere way left. Hey this way. Number two..

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