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And there's been a pushback from hasidic circles who felt that this was their place with corona. They had an excuse to have a stronger presence and they took the opportunity. This is my conjecture or j. schultz's conjecture and it is not a popular opinion in the media. I'm sure more is going to be unfolding from this story. As the days and weeks come forward. Sunday was considered an official day of mourning in israel with israeli jews and arabs lining up to give blood to those in need allow is offering first degree family members of victims to free flight tickets to israel up until tuesday. Just get in touch with their booking department to book. If god forbid you need to come into israel to mourn and spend time with a first degree on the last day before his mandate expires prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu has agreed to step aside to let yamina share enough. Tally bennett lead. The country for one year in a rotational agreement. Netanyahu was playing to bennett's commitment to forming a right wing government. Bennett says he would support the formation of a right wing government if netanyahu steps to the side now that netanyahu is reportedly willing to take a seat on the bench. It seems the ball is in bennett's court yet your lupi who expects to receive the mandate from president rivlin next because he received the most seats after the likud party has also offered bennett. The role of prime minister i in a rotational agreement. Well that's certainly is something. It seems like we could have something there all right. Well if you are getting caught up on the israel daily news and you consider yourself in israel. Daily news podcast. Her support the show. I'm looking to gain a new round of paid subscribers so that we can continue to run this show daily send over monthly contribution at 'em backslash israel daily news backslash support one central link in the show notes which you can click on. Take you to the page where you make a contribution and feel good. Knowing you're supporting independent journalism. You can also support us by leaving us. A review on apple podcasts. You can share the show with a friend and three. You can follow us on social media. Israel daily news as well as shannon fold. That's s. h. a. an a. f. u. l. d. in response to a terror attack. That occurred yesterday. Leaving three yeshiva. Students shot not killed. Wounded settlers from the sheila settlement raided a nearby palestinian village. The jewish settlers were seen starting fires throwing rocks and slashing tires of cars. The israel defense forces and other border patrol officers stepped in to try and stop the violence in the end. The idea of arrested eleven palestinians and no jewish. Settlers were detained. The idea of is in the midst of search for the terrorists. Who shot the issue of student sunday. Which is an event that comes amid high tensions in the west bank. After the palestinian authority officially announced the delaying of elections terrorist groups like hamas commend the attacks describing them as the natural response to israel's alleged denial of palestinian human rights. Israel says they play no part in palestinian elections and that palestinian elections have nothing to do with israeli bureaucracy. And that they're not getting in the way all right. Well that is it for today's show. Today is monday. May third twenty twenty. One tel aviv has a low of eighteen degrees celsius and a high of twenty eight degrees. That's sixty five degrees fahrenheit for the low going up to eighty two degrees for the high. Subscribe to the israel daily news podcast on spotify or apple podcasts. Or wherever you're hearing it from. I am everywhere. Don't forget to sign up to our.

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