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Doctor Peterson, Dennis Prager, CMA discussed on The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Welcome to season two episode sixteen of the jordan peterson podcast i mckay what peterson doctor peterson's daughter and collaborator this week's episode is a bit of a continuation you asian of last week if you haven't heard last week's episode i'd recommend listening to that one first and then listening to this one we've combined a commentary on claiming belief in god and then a discussion with dennis prager both from the may twenty nineteen perjury stomach that is a bit upset in this video because of what's been going on if my mom if you've been listening to this podcast you know we've been dealing with some really serious health issues so that's part of the reason birth date of being that being said i hope you enjoy it and leave just a little bit in mind blown i swear i'm always is mind blowing around dad morphing into the human i am today enjoy when we return dad's conversation with dennis prager i'm about to tell you about a lease gm their longevity supplement company using research there supplement yourself and decide whether you think it's a good idea the supplement is a legitimate research back supplement it increases energy i was really interesting supplement in two thousand fourteen when i was trying to fix myself up before i started this all meat diet and there some supplements probably were looking into basis by leave cma's one of them calorie restriction is like fasting has been shown to increase in eighty and products like basis half as well the company was founded by the director of the london center for biology of aging research at mit an i d levels decline in are bodies by as much as fifty percent by middle age why care about that you wanna stay healthy and functional verse long as possible i've been nonfunctional and it's how they're trying to increase our health span which is a number of years we feel good they've had a clinical childhood showed the two capsules everyday increases in eighty levels by now averaging forty percent that's huge so what are you waiting for finished cleaning room and get a subscription debase us this week listeners can get forty five dollars off a six six months or a one year subscription to basis by visiting try basis dot com slash jordan and using the promo code jordan that's try basis dot com slash jordan and the promo code jordan that's a full month of free basis and a great deal on a groundbreaking supplement let's talk about meet my favorite thing to talk about apparently what you're boxing the main delivery service that delivers anywhere in the state i've had their boxing and they're good they have incredible deals and this month.

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Doctor Peterson, Dennis Prager, CMA discussed on The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

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