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Back to at the races with. Vic onto Sirius XM radio. We're back at the races that the to the top of the hour, sit Fernando join us, I or watch report is brought to you by hill. And Dale, and we're gonna talk about little war will we'll talk about blame a little bit and were front and the factor as well and much more right now, though delighted to get a chance to talk to Jeff body, and I owed Jeff a call. We these last couple of weeks have been a little little crazy. But sparky Ville the terrific effort in the sand vicinty knocking off the two Baffert players Desmond and Coliseum and the way he did. It was particularly noteworthy with a just a dog ID down the middle of the track run to get by Joel Rosario, another one of the good horses. He's latched onto Jeff Bondi joins us. Jeff. Congratulations. Yep. K we did lose him looks like we lost them. I don't I hear that. That. Awful sound of. Of space that that empty? Sometimes you can hear you know, like a little. Yeah. You can hear a little something. But in this case, I'm not hearing anything we'll get. We'll get Jeff. We'll find out what's next for sparky. Ville after the the sand vicinty win, you know? And and when you have these one turn the these one turn stake winners. I mentioned that Zenden Victor are Bose's that's coming up to run in the Gotham as taking advantage. Obviously. The woman the one turn from seven eighths to the one mile little trickier in California. If this is a candy ride and is out of a storm cat mayor. So. We'll see anxious to hear what what Jeffs whichever thoughts are in the way, he was finishing in a you get the sense that the two turns will. Will be okay. Soon as soon as K tells me, but. But. But. What we got? Yeah. And of course, is going to be a little bit of a read on they'll be a little bit of a re to sparky. If Desmond follows through with that race on Friday with no low contested, L and. Roadster? So. Cases now having trouble. So it sounds almost like maybe that's weird had him on the phone. And now he's gonna lose them. All right. Hang in there. Second, and we'll we'll just vamp momentarily. Speaking of. Speaking of maiden races today at Gulfstream probably saved this a little bit for Seth marrow. There's a turf sprint. And this assumes that the rain I thought to Chuck Simon earlier because Chuck's got deputies are in a very good. Very good. Optional claiming mile in sixteen the first level allowance. That goes as the seventh and Chuck's. There's about a ninety percent share rain down there. So we'll see. But if you happen to look later at the sixth race at Gulfstream. Scheduled for five on the on the grass, and there's some major pedigree action going on here. Three year old Phillies and how about vinca for Kalua met a half to ROY h. Yeah. This one by ox bow Kelly fashioned themselves out of allusive diva. So vinca in the hands of Mike maker for ROY h courses, a is a more than ready how about Mike Trump betta third start for Scaife us. For ironhorse. This is a full sister to Pajaro. In here. There's more actually there's a second time starter for Pletcher in bat stables. Meskel Lita and she's a pioneer the Nile. She's going to have to negotiate the rail, and she's out of that nice guy kiss. You might remember New York. There's also a half to city lady grace, there's all kinds of siblings going on in this interesting..

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