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It's funny. ESP that question we go out at the same way that we go at a lot of different markets, you know, very little upfront, and we learn through a handful of very small deals, and we get exposure and we make mistakes, and we risk a little bit less money. And then we learn a lot, and we create networks of researchers and data scientists and co and other people that can teach us things, and we start to create our own mental models and frameworks of what's interesting. What's not? And then we start making bets, and we learn as we go. I've never had a new market where we know everything going in frankly have never had an old market where we where we she like, me know any everything anyway, but it's definitely a process. But that is you know, I think you could make the same case for how people have gotten into robotics, and how people get into atonomy and for us. There's a lot of similarities, right? It's the same type of technical founder. It's the same type of subject matter expert. It's the same problems that you have to work through and building and scaling and early stage. And that's really what amplify has done time and time again, regardless of the market or the end market is, hey, what does it take to get a very, smart domain expert technical founder and make them a fantastic company builder and ultimately executive and not journey. Funny off is actually really similar depending regardless of the market that you're looking at we've been doing a lot of shows about coober, Netease, both on the business side of things and on the open source side of things on the how does it impact your business? Whether you are coober Netease business, or whether you are just a startup that has infrastructure to run how is cougar netties change, your perspective on software investments, the more things change, the more things stay the same. So we're doing this podcast on the the fifth of the sixth of November. Yeah. So just this morning. It was announced VM-ware's buying hefty them. The more things change the more thing say every single person out there went from went from phys. Local servers to virtual machines. And then they realized that they got locked in virtual machines VM ware. And then there is containers that came about now people are looking at container orchestration and how you're actually going to build this next generation. They're all really good evolutions. And when I look your question was how you know. How do we look at you Brunetti? And what do we think about Cooper Netease? I think Uber Nettie is is the powerful tool, and it's the flavor of the moment is tools go, which is the more things. Change more things. Stay the same. It will not be the end all be all just does nothing. That's, you know, Docker for making, you know, organizing containers and in containerizing workloads, nor VM where was the end all workload. And I'll be all because workloads going to change. But right now, what Cooper Netease is a powerful abstraction that lets people make their applications very very portable to the infrastructure that they want and gives them a heck of a lot of flexibility in building playing workloads and. The fact that taken off so quickly is a pretty good. It's a pretty good testament to the fact that that's a real problem. And it hasn't been solved and it exists more and more as people start looking at it at a cloud, and ultimately a multi cloud world. Now there were infrastructure management tools before cougar Netease. They were open stack and cloud foundry. What lessons you take away from those previous ecosystems that map onto the Cooper Netease ecosystem or maybe that the cougar Netease ecosystem has corrected for. I'd flip it around. I think what a lot of people get excited about with every one of these new trends is is what corrections they're making the sins of the past vendor. Lock ins a problem. Portability problem new architectures of problem, and you get the new tools that are going to pop up and solve that what's going to be really interesting to see in today's acquisition of deal by VM, where it's going to be a really I think it'll be interesting on this dimension is for any of.

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