Holland Lincoln Tunnel Center, Ramsey Mazda Weather Center, Bernard Kerik discussed on Money Matters with Gary Goldberg


Also over the Hudson delay free at the George Lincoln in Holland Lincoln Tunnel Center. Tubes shut both ways for operational activity. Overturned vehicle cleared on the parkway South bound in New Jersey at 1 37. 22 weeks bound fairway dried to the parkway. It is shut for ongoing flying conditions and now for our weather forecast from the Ramsey Mazda Weather Center today. Rain heavy at times through mid day, then tapers off showers and late. Breezy temperatures near 40 tonight, clearing and remains breezy highs of 32 35 tomorrow much better day Brighton. Sunny, breezy but cooler highs and 40 Monday partly sunny highs near 40 is well I'm Jim Bonham. Oh on talk Radio 77. W. ABC Today It's to be our New York's former top cop, Bernard Kerik. He's been undercover of commissioner of the NYPD..

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