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That was only one of the crazy games last night. Memphis, Minnesota, one of the funniest playoff losses. I'm very sorry, but one of the funniest playoff losses I can remember in a long time and I've been watching playoff basketball religiously for well over a decade now and just can not remember a game like that I mean we can start with towns who had now out of the four kind of postseason games between the plane and the first three games of this round. He's had one good game and three kind of like hey man, you gotta wake up a little bit. What did you what did you take away from that game last night? What kind of stuck with you the most? Well, yeah, it's hard not to start with when you look at a team that they're offense just goes lifeless for two quarters of the game two quarters. I can't remember the last time I saw two quarters where team scored less than 15 points and each quarter two 12 point quarters in a game. And still scored 95 points with those two horrible quarters. So they were scoring a lot and the other two, the first thing you're going to look at when you get that level of production or lack of production is your star. And when you're star takes four shots, I have questions. I've got questions, man. And. It's not acceptable. And he was asked about it after the game, and he said next question. So when you talk about accountability, I hope he said more than that to his teammates, granted, there's been foul trouble, granted that I think he's been facing a sort of defense that he's not great against, which frankly a lot of bigs that are still trying to figure it out have that issue. I think about someone like porzingis, who lo and behold, what the team that he was with, you know, for the last few years anymore, in part because of it, not really being able to back down smalls. And it always kind of makes me think, my analogies are really bad, and they feel like the elephants that are afraid of mice. And maybe it's not being afraid of it, but not being able to take advantage of a situation saying, I'm bigger. And by the way, there was that situation yesterday on inside the NBA where he was like, when he got so when you're banging a guy. Incredible TV show. The other night during the Celtics nets game, they were just like, yeah, number 11 on Boston. Shaq was like, I'd never seen that guy before. It's like him in number 12 had a great game. I love that show. It's perfect. Look, I think people assume if you're pro analytics or that you believe in understand analytics that you're gonna hate inside the NBA. I don't hate it. It's too funny to hate. And I think it speaks to, I think more people are probably outside of the weeds when it comes to analytics and it connects with people for a reason. It's funny television. Most of the time, every now and then I think it an area that's a little bit unfortunate. But anyway, that was funny. But yeah, there's something to be said for that. The towns has not been able to take advantage of that. By the way, can I just say that I think Carl Anthony towns might be like the worst complainer that I've ever seen? Like, he complains about fouls that are the clearest fouls I've ever seen. He hooks people three and four times on one play, and then he complains. He is like, he is fouling. Like there have been too many fouls in this first round. And some of these games have been very frustrating, but no, he is foul ling with a capital G at the end. Like that man is fouling, okay? It was just, and I feel for him a little bit because, you know, he's playing with guys on the wing who are little headstrong between Beverly Russell and Edwards. So obviously, there's always an element to big men where because they don't dribble the ball, the floor, you know, 9 times out of ten unless you're yo kitch or Giannis, you're a little bit dependent on your teammates to give you looks. I think, you know, he mentioned like our offense was working really well at times, even when I wasn't scoring because I'm drawing the double and kicking it out, et cetera, but he's got a way to he's got to find a way to stem the tide, stop the run, et cetera. What Memphis did late in that third quarter going into the fourth was and you look at Jon didn't have a great game scoring wise. But you know, he was able to impact the game in a way that towns was hot and I just, do you think Minnesota can come back from a loss like that in a series? I think there's probably more, there's a better likelihood that people are giving it. I think in part because it's a young enough team to where I wrote about the series earlier in the week in my newsletter. And I think part of what's so striking to me is like these teams, rationale that I use to kind of write about them is that these teams are so young that they kind of, they're breaking all the rules and don't even really know it. As far as the pace they play at as far as guys being under the age of 22 and dropping 30 in their first playoff game against each other. Stuff like that. Where they're so young, they don't know any better. Now, obviously, they've got a couple of vets in their rotation and you're mentioning Beverly in particular. I don't know how people view Russell at this point whether he's a vet or not. 'cause I guess I forget that he and towns were, I guess, part of the same draft class too. So I guess they're vets, you know, towns has been to the playoffs before, you know, you kind of use the quotation mark, where it's not something that they've done a whole lot before. But I do think that there's enough youth on this roster and quite frankly Memphis as well to make the argument that it might not really sit within their soul as long as we're expecting it to and be so detrimental. Now it could. I think the bigger question is just, are they going to be prone to have droughts generally? Even from quarter to quarter, when certain guys sit, I think the bigger question that I have about a team like the wolves is, okay, if towns is not going to be consistent for you as far as staying out of foul trouble as far as shooting enough and really doing enough for your offense, are there other things you're going to be able to do to keep yourself in it? The Timberwolves were a team that, you know, I won't say they lived and died with the three, but they certainly thrived with it. And they did not shoot a good percentage. They did not take a whole lot of them. Considering how frequently they relied upon them and everything. So that's a basic question I have. They didn't make as many as Memphis did. But I could tell you what will not happen if they're going to win or come back in the series. They can't allow Brandon Clark to kill them the way he did yesterday, not just an offensive rebounding standpoint, but also scoring it. And when you talk about John, how he really didn't have a great game, it kind of was made irrelevant by the fact that Desmond Bain and Brandon Clarkson was up the way they did. And now we've seen a structural change in the lineup to where Steven Adams isn't even in the game at all. He's not going to play at all. So some of the things that you were leaning on for an advantage before or had been taken off the table. So it's going to take towns really can not afford to have games where he's going to shoot four times or be inconsistent Val trouble. He needs to use to his advantage. The other thing too, by the way, is that jaren Jackson was in foul trouble too in towns by being in the foul trouble. He was in and also just not.

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