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The Peter Strzok Lisa page tax I joined Chuck Grassley's investigation possible DNC involvement with Ukraine to affect the twenty sixteen election how back in two thousand seventeen and so it's not our fault the Joe Biden hunter Biden got wrapped up in the whole Ukrainian story but we we we're not closing our eyes to this and I have no idea why anybody would object to us obtaining records from US consulting firm run by former Clinton administration officials that is basically using the hunter Biden's name to stronger and the state department due to curry best fits for a corrupt Ukrainian oil companies so there you go now and and that's where they are and and he said so that's what we're trying to do here but our investigation oversight is much broader than just this Ukrainian story with hunter Biden even the DNC we've also asked the National Archives to look at records of the five meetings that occurred between January and June of twenty sixteen between Ukrainian prosecutors Ukrainian embassy officials White House staff and DNC officials Johnson said of the depth of the investigation so there you go he said in an interview earlier Wednesday Johnson said if I were a Democrat primary voters I want these questions satisfactorily answered before I cast my final vote and again I I guess you know the they played the one New York times reporter who said well you know they weren't really concerned about this one bite wasn't a candidate well nobody would be concerned about anything that trump was ever involved in is he wasn't a presidential candidate who then became president of the United States well the the Billy bush takes sat on a shelf for eleven years yeah so I mean that that isn't that isn't an excuse no no that's not that is in date something that's just a popular all okay all another the only bring it up now doesn't matter because it in bring it up before doesn't work that way in politics much like saying debating Biden on a debate stage is trying to influence the election well wait for it wait for it to run with you when we when we get to the fall debates if they happen that's that's gonna be it he was just trying to influence the election well he was picking on the old guy you you and I remember McCain Feingold was being argued in the dumbest thing that Democrats would say is and these are things that Russ Feingold and John McCain would both say and they would come out and they would say well we we cannot the the only reason that these people are running these advertisements and they're running them close to an election is to attempt to use the money to use influence to affect an election well yeah yeah but that what what do you do with them what they're they're trying not to affect the election with the money that they've raised what did the McCain do and two thousand eight when he was running Iran Nancy ran ads and how do you how do you pay for those ads and and and I'll never forget that was the main argument government McCain Feingold the group because remember it was that that date you would have groups of people you know there's certain groups could not people who pooled their money together could talk about issues but remember they could attack a particular candidate within sixty days of an election right and the reason why is is because these groups are you know they form together they raise money and then they put out ads to attack these people in order to defeat them in the election and that's wrong no that's this is a pre core came back and said well no that's the way it's supposed to be out works people are supposed to be able to raise money to then put out political ads which is how then they get to express their freedom of speech which is why it's a freedom of speech issue and this applied to corporations that apply to unions it applied across the board that people can band together small business associations your raisin our taxes were against that we're putting out an ad saying we're against raising small business taxes sorry that's wrong because you're attempting to affect an election yeah the whole point now all that **** impeachable because you're trying to you're running political ads to influence an election you should be impeached right I do like the Mollie Hemingway the thing though yesterday saying whom Berg spends who knows what the final figure will be seven hundred to one seven hundred million to one billion dollars right and last one day really in the campaign yeah he did what what one day yet one hundred two hundred three hundred thousand whatever the they're I think they're guessing on the number of Facebook ads that were were posted destroyed the Republic in the twenty sixteen election yeah I mean seriously but when you look at that well because think about even the people you know on social media you know forget the Russians buying what they spent a hundred thousand whatever the your friends are posting memes one of the means by the way aren't even true you know the quote somebody and turns out that person never said that or you know they'll they'll put something up as a as as fact and then all the sudden it's shared by a ton of people but that's the nature of social media I don't care who's posting I look at the content if the Russians were putting out things about Donald Trump in N. out twenty sixteen or no Hillary like she lied about Benghazi the Russians would be right if my friend puts out something in twenty sixteen and I probably had a number of them that did and said she lied about Benghazi they would be right to if the Russians put something out instead Hillary is from another planet they would be right I know look I'm trying to I was I watch men in black three I'm trying I'm trying to influence an election that happened forty years ago I mean it's it's what is in the message right I'm not saying that foreign money should be allowed that's that's not the point it's it's it's the whole talk about money and the point that that Molly was making is that all my gosh the liberals want you to believe that trump one because of a hundred thousand dollars that was placed at Facebook right now now do you we go eight six six ninety right I let's go to Michael in Maryland about Bloomberg and his cash hi Michael you're on reddit radio welcome to the show thank you Sir and if we are to get to talk to you for the first time thanks if there ever was a great example Sir I've how to add normal sweet misuse your money do so disastrously indeed based get blown out so decides who will be in primaries Michael Bloomberg is the epitome of that example he wrote the playbook on how to do it in fact gentleman you could say Michael Bloomberg read that through its campaign promise Mike will get it done well I have done all right I have to say this though is Michael Bloomberg a perfect eggs can elect make Michael Bloomberg the perfect example of why billionaires can't be trusted with their money because they tend to just wasted instead of the government taking that money and putting it to productive purposes in helping other people well I mean I was waiting for Bernie this essay and he might say it you know that that money could go in and put a lot of people to work with women he does put a lot of people work already this is other money and with the stock market you know hit yesterday I thought you know he drops out stock stock market did really well yesterday knowing him he probably made a huge chunk of that money generated on the election back in one day and they lost a ton of it last week exactly yeah on the election but it was a bad one to be a billionaire wow by the way I I can answer my own I can answer my own liberal response yeah okay it's my money I can do whatever I want get out of my face yeah exactly it doesn't let you know not very sophisticated answer but still totally about freedom and liberty yeah if I'm not it is.

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