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Border in El Paso, Adam said Sunday, cities like New York and El Paso are carrying the whole financial burden, he called on the federal emergency management agency to coordinate assistance and funding to cities, taking in migrants processed by U.S. border authorities. California is bracing for another round of snow and rain this month storms across the state have already claimed at least 19 lives. Some areas have already received their annual rainfall in the last two weeks with sinkholes and mudslides appearing in many areas. All 72 people aboard a passenger plane are feared dead after it went down in Nepal. Molly hunter, with more details. It was meant to be a routine 27 minute trip from Kathmandu to bukhara, but crashing just a mile from its final destination, the new international airport in the popular hiking city of pucara. Local media reports say there are no survivors among the 68 passengers and four crew members who were on board the Yeti airlines flight that included 15 foreign nationals. The FAA is investigating a near miss incident involving two passenger planes at JFK airport in New York, Kathy park with the latest. No one was hurt in the incident, but the Delta flight returned to the gate where 145 passengers and 6 crew members deplayed. A Delta flight taking off was forced to stop midway because an American Airlines playing crossed the same runway. I'm Michael kassner. In Indianapolis man is accused of threatening a member of Congress, Jonathan reaser, allegedly sent threatening messages to democratic U.S. representative Eric swalwell of California, swalwell tweeted a screenshot of the purported message on Friday, razor has since been fired from his job as a manager at patient's choice laboratories. A Texas congressman is worried the issue of border safety and security will get blended in a proposal on Capitol Hill. In particularly concerned with this border safety and security act appearing on Fox News Sunday, representative Tony Gonzalez stated the act would turn away all migrants at the border if the secretary of Homeland Security doesn't have operational control. The Texas Republicans stated what he described as banning asylum was not the American way, and taking things one step too far. A school in Maryland's prince George's county is apologizing to families after a teacher reportedly inadvertently sent out sexually explicit photos to the entire student body. Trey Thomas reports. Doctor Henry a wise junior high school sent a letter home to parents Friday, saying the photos were accidentally sent out in an email to all students. The principal explained they tried to retract the correspondence, but some students were able to see it. They're asking those who did receive the email to stop sharing the photos. The school says steps have already been taken regarding the employee. There are new calls from Madison Square Garden in New York City to get rid of its facial recognition technology. Lisa Silva with more. Manhattan states senators Liz Krueger and Brad hoylman claim it's an invasion of privacy. They join city officials and privacy advocates outside the arena to protest the use of the technology. They claim MSG owner James Dolan uses facial recognition only to keep his adversaries out. Welman said a member of a law firm working on a lawsuit against MSG entertainment and booted from a rangers game recently with the fourth fan to be removed. And I'm Scott Carr from the Bloomberg newsroom shares our mixed in Asia after Wall Street benchmarks and at last week on a high note markets fell in Tokyo and Hong Kong, but advanced in most other major markets. Stocks closed higher Friday on Wall Street as earnings reporting season got underway and CEOs began to show how well or poorly their navigating high inflation and a slowing economy. The S&P 500 rose .4% after erasing an earlier loss, the benchmark index closed out its best week in two months and is holding onto a 4.2% gain for 2023 so far. The S&P 500 is technically still in a bear market, but a closer look below the surface shows that most of its stocks are in the midst of a rally, Bloomberg susannah Palmer has more. While the benchmark is down 17% from its record high set on January 3rd of 2022, about three quarters of the stocks in the index are up 20% or more from their 52 week lows. That, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. So why isn't the S&P 500 a whole lot higher? Well, you can blame it on the ugly performance of a handful of technology related stocks. Apple, Amazon.com, Tesla, Microsoft, and meta platforms whose massive market values give them greater influence over the index that is weighted by market cap. They are responsible for nearly half of the S&P 500s losses over the past 12 months. Susanna Palmer, Bloomberg, radio. People worldwide are more gloomy about their economic prospects than ever before, and trust business far more than governments, nonprofits, and the media. That's according to a survey from public relations firm Edelman released a coincide with world economic forums gathering of business elites and government leaders this week in Davos, Switzerland. The online survey conducted in 28 countries shows fewer people believe their family will be better off in 5 years hitting all time lows in 24 nations. Of course, tax filing season begins in about a week and the IRS is promising a better experience for taxpayers. Bloomberg's Courtney donahoe has more. The IRS

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