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So what is your biggest gripe right now get up on your soapbox? Tell me. What is your biggest gripe of world soccer right now, what is bothering you? Or what is bothered? You recently where you're like, man. That's bullshit. My biggest gripe right now with soccer. Well, one that Everton is always gonna suck. That's my biggest. Necessarily world soccer's fault. That's more of an internal Evertonian thing. Right. So I would have to say that Major League Soccer is not a pro rail system. That you know that Major League Soccer being the whole single entity thing. Meaning if you don't know what single entity is basically the Major League Soccer owns a portion of every team. So like all transfer negotiations and stuff has to go through the league before they get signed off all like all like incoming players. They're they're subject to these weird. You know rules with like something called target allocation money, and and all of that initiatives, the crap shoot, bro. Like, you literally have to go to school for ten years to to know all of the rules in Major League Soccer. And that's my biggest right because I think that that's hampering the growth of soccer in America. I think if we had pro rail like every other stab wiscon- country in the world, you know, we'd be able to develop these local towns, you know, we'd have more Christian pulisic, we've had more Tyler Adams, right? You know, we wouldn't have to have our young. Kids going abroad, you know, like there was a couple of Kim. The FC Dallas academy that got you know, picked up by Byron and stuff like that. These kids shouldn't have to leave the country to get quality football. And for rela think that would definitely help expanding game. And you know, put the the quality. So I think that's my biggest right pro Ralph a US baby. You gotta throw son in there. Of course. What's are you dead ass about it? I'm dead at sun. Okay. Well. I love it. Then my last question is obviously your show is very we'd positive do. I sound like a narc when I say that. Okay. All right. Well, I do have I do have like a little pen used before. I go to bed helps me sleep. So I love, you know. I'm very pro. Yes. What footballer would you use? Because we'd has so many crazy names I've seen like Darth Vader zero dark thirty brand like all sorts of crazy stuff. What footballer would you would you name a strain of weed after? Oh, that's a good question. You know, like you have never actually liked sawed about it me. And not me a Mark. We we had a we had an idea for a show where we were going to pick like our our starting eleven off of just like guys that were like suspended for like smoking weed. So we were gonna have lifelock Diego Maradonna, you know, beat and like Mario ballots Elian shit, you know, 'cause he's known for all of that. But if I had to pick a player for a strain of we. I think I would say. I don't know. Maybe maybe something like like a pillow, purple Kush. Ooh. I like that. Yeah. You know, something nice old sophisticated. It's slow acting. But it gets the job done. Who I like that? I think I came up of one before the show, I think it was like in thunder kick or something like that. Yes, something that'll just that battle dislike hit you. Right. Right. From the fifty yard line, right? No, absolutely Steve E G, you know, thunder. I don't I think I'm just thinking of like, you know, tropic thunder because I'm such a narc and probably cop. So all right. Well, Eric thank you so much for coming on the show. Please everyone. Go check out the high press pod. Get some good New York debates going on. He covers all the league's me and Marin.

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