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Soft mook saw produces the noise it takes pachinko parlor turns it into zen garden as it's the moog soft ai ops platform an algorithm ick it ops platform reduces it alerts and tickets by ten ninety nine percent guaranteed you still get no you're not turn anything off your you still get all your existing it tools all your alerts but what they do is they combine events they correlate them into actionable work items they call it situations so instead of getting a hundred different things in making the situation in your head it takes those partisan puts them together and you get a situation so you can focus on tackling it and solving it instead of trying to spend half the time figuring out what the heck's happening i'll give you a testimonial from one of their customers you might have heard of hcl technologies they do a thing awardwinning thing called the dry ice platform their global it match service provider lot of their customers use dry ice in the events management layer of dry says moves off day and hcl technology says mooks helped clients streamline operational workflows reduce time in the text to correct life cycle of incident tickets and they have experienced thirty three percent reduction in meantime to restore so they're happy that means they can support more customers with service quality keeping operational costs low efficiency high you'll be happy just because it won't be like an explosion in your brain moog soft a ops reduce your it alerts and tickets by up to ninety nine percent right now and as a result be more productive more efficient and be happier it's the zen garden moog soft dot com m o g s o f t dot com you can get a demo there moog soft dot com we thank them so much for their support of windows weekly paul thurrott mary jo foley let's start.

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