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Here's a sway all field bella you're going to hold of this what pets and it's to look real our all they stuck out the opposite way pill jerry his first hit the season lease of all and dodgers have opened things up his now five nothing and they would blow it open and win the game nine and nothing to get a split in the series some crazy numbers came out of this i talk about that with tim kurkin on the baseball tonight podcast today richil we also speak with by the way about that great curb all that he throws the pirates and the tigers played a doubleheader nick castalanos got a big hit for detroit in the bottom of the seventh the pitch and this is lying down the left field line and a fair ball the first hits is a double for the tigers lined down the left field line and bounces out of play so no hit bid is over for the pirates pitching staff next to the nncholas kostya knows doubled left at from sports radio ninety three point seven the fan but the pirates did win that first game one to nothing in game two david freeze got a big hit they would freeze says one deep out to left field jericho's the line he launches to run over the pirates with a five run fifth inning heaven ached to three advantage and they would win game two eight two six call again sports radio ninety three point seven the fan pirates or three oh joshua buying it the only thing i'm buying that the tiger stink buster wow geez mr negative on a monday morning to weather must be bad area it is bad yes this is not april weather up all right it's yeah it'll the mariners the cleveland indians and early on the lead and sealed leads into one drives at high deep to left paul ryan and say.

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